a {pretty} feather frenzy

I've never really been a fan of feathers {other than that time when I absolutely had to buy the black and teal dreamcatcher back in fourth grade - dreamcatchers were soo in then}. It's probably because I'm not a fan of birds. Big birds scare me. However, the hippie chic feather fad is back, and for some reason I'm totally obsessing. Feathers are both soft and rustic. Natural and effortless; feathers give the feeling of being completely carefree. 

Maybe it's because I just watched Forrest Gump {remember the white feather?}. Or maybe it's because I'm longing for those carefree, Indian Summer {or, uhhh, "Native American" Summer} days. Whatever the case, I've fully fallen for feathers. I might just pull out that 4th grade dreamcatcher.

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


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