a {pretty} feather frenzy

I've never really been a fan of feathers {other than that time when I absolutely had to buy the black and teal dreamcatcher back in fourth grade - dreamcatchers were soo in then}. It's probably because I'm not a fan of birds. Big birds scare me. However, the hippie chic feather fad is back, and for some reason I'm totally obsessing. Feathers are both soft and rustic. Natural and effortless; feathers give the feeling of being completely carefree. 

Maybe it's because I just watched Forrest Gump {remember the white feather?}. Or maybe it's because I'm longing for those carefree, Indian Summer {or, uhhh, "Native American" Summer} days. Whatever the case, I've fully fallen for feathers. I might just pull out that 4th grade dreamcatcher.

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


pretty {macro} magnificent

When I came across Polish photographer Magdalena Wasiczek's work, my first thought {after WOOOW!} was, "I can't wait to blog about this!" You see, I find Magdalena's macro photographs truly magical. I'm talking take-my-breath-away beautiful. Looking at her fairy tale-like photos, I feel as though I'm a shrunken Alice; fallen down the rabbit hole and plopped right into Wonderland. A land scary in it's magnificence but utterly stunning in its splendor. Indeed, some of these shots make me forget that these photos weren't taken in Wonderland. They were taken in a world very real. Our world, in fact. 

I just thought a world that remarkable was worth sharing.

{found via : Pinterest, images via : Big Picture & Living Design}


getting pretty inked {I think}

I want Wednesday...

I want a tattoo??? Let's try that again. I want a tattoo. Eee, just typing that kind of freaks me out. I've never been a huge fan of tattoos. And, as they are very much permanent {and painful} I have never aspired to get one. What would I get? Where would I put it? What would it look like when I'm 80? These are questions yet to be answered, but one thing I know... If I were to get a little tattoo, something dainty, and of course something pretty... well that I could handle. 

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


pretty smoke'n {or something}

Prettiest smoke ever, right? Actually, I'm not really sure that this is even smoke. Some images have bubbles, so it must be some sort of liquid? In any case, this silky, smoke-like wallpaper series is available for download, right here. {My desktop is currently sporting the red one.}

{found via : Graphic–ExchanGE, images via : Disastro Ecologico}

Update: I read somewhere that these images where made with ink in water. Not sure if that's true, but it'd make for an interesting experiment.


{pretty much} taken by storm

Speaking of inspirational photography, Sarah Storm has an eye for capturing the beauty in nature. This multifaceted artist shares nature's allure in the forms of photography, as well as in lovely watercolor. As a relatively new Etsy seller, Sarah is sure to take us all by storm.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your work with me.


pretty {minimal}

Hello. I'm back after a bit of a break. Truth be told, it was nice to not even think about blogging for a little while. Those of you who blog know... it's kind of work. And this is the time of year I like to be lazy. Actually, I don't even like being lazy. I just am. Once the holidays are over, I just get so tired. Like I don't want to do anything other than sleep and eat for oh... the next 3 months or so. That being said, it takes something really special, this time of year, to inspire me. I may be blogging a little less these days, because so little seems blog-worthy to me in the weariness of winter. 

Well, here you have it. Something I found truly cool-neat-rad-awesome today. Minimalist photography. I found these scenes serene and fitting for my fatigued state of mind. It's amazing what an artist's eye can capture. Art can be found from the spaciousness of the sky, to the little leaf that falls to the ground {and everywhere in between}. Now, that's inspiring.

{via : noupe}
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