a pretty {pink} Christmas

Pantone has picked Honeysuckle as it's it color for 2011. Uplifting, energetic, and a shade retro {in fact some are calling it Mad Men pink} I'm personally, tickled pink with their decision. I'm celebrating the it color early, by declaring pink the new red this holiday season. It's a little uplifting for those biting and bleak winter days. And it's oh so merry and bright.

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


  1. Oh, WOW! I love the pink tree! I want one, bad! My husband would so not like that. I love that pretty vintage pink color. So beautiful!

  2. i'm pretty much going wild over this post!! so so so perfect! I just found your blog I'm in love! great work! ♥♥

  3. oh by the way - no pun intended by "i'm pretty much going wild" lol! what a cute blog name you have! so creative!


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