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December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

I took a pottery class in college. For me, it was a personal form of torture. It was like my mind and my hands were working separately. My mind saw a beautiful round bowl. My hands made a lopsided clump of clay not dissimilar to how that clump of clay looked before I did anything to it. Actually, a "vase" I made is sort of a joke around here. People call it "the elephant trunk", "the Dr. Seuss mountain", "the stomach". Yeah... Picture a vase. Now picture intestines. Combine the two... but it'll probably still look more like intestines than what you're thinking. Gross.

Anyway, I suppose that's why the immaculately crafted, exquisitely detailed ceramic works of Cynthia Vardhan amaze me so. Elegantly sculpted, cleverly decorated; her work is like a sigh of relief. This is what ceramics should look like. Just pretty pottery.

{via : cynthia vardhan ceramics on Etsy}

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  1. These are so amazing! I love the colours of the little bowls.


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