pretty {paper} scenes

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

As my final December Darling of 2010; Elly MacKay's shop Theater Clouds has some of the most unique and awe inspiring artwork I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. Elly makes her images by inking yupo paper and cutting it into layers that she sets up in a miniature theater. She plays with the lights and filters to create atmosphere and then photographs the scenes. I can't imagine all the work that goes into creating one of these little stories. I only know that these pretty paper scenes makes me happy.

{ via : Theater Clouds on Etsy}


{pretty} starry-eyed

This time of year there is a magical shimmer in the air. And I'm not just talking about the snow. There's something about the sparkle of the holiday season that has me reaching for the stars. After all, it worked for those three wise men. 

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


pretty {poster-like} prints

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

Eva Juliet's illustrated and typographic prints remind me of vintage movie posters. Posters for sweet little films about everyday life. Charming, no?

{via : Eve Juliet on Etsy}


{just} pretty pottery

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

I took a pottery class in college. For me, it was a personal form of torture. It was like my mind and my hands were working separately. My mind saw a beautiful round bowl. My hands made a lopsided clump of clay not dissimilar to how that clump of clay looked before I did anything to it. Actually, a "vase" I made is sort of a joke around here. People call it "the elephant trunk", "the Dr. Seuss mountain", "the stomach". Yeah... Picture a vase. Now picture intestines. Combine the two... but it'll probably still look more like intestines than what you're thinking. Gross.

Anyway, I suppose that's why the immaculately crafted, exquisitely detailed ceramic works of Cynthia Vardhan amaze me so. Elegantly sculpted, cleverly decorated; her work is like a sigh of relief. This is what ceramics should look like. Just pretty pottery.

{via : cynthia vardhan ceramics on Etsy}


a pretty {pink} Christmas

Pantone has picked Honeysuckle as it's it color for 2011. Uplifting, energetic, and a shade retro {in fact some are calling it Mad Men pink} I'm personally, tickled pink with their decision. I'm celebrating the it color early, by declaring pink the new red this holiday season. It's a little uplifting for those biting and bleak winter days. And it's oh so merry and bright.

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it}


a pretty {flourishing} feature

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

This shop is flourishing with flourishes {and other gorgeous graphics}.

Inkadinkadoodle {how fun is that name?} creates vintage inspired, elegant paper goods {a.k.a. little works of art} right here in Wisconsin. Their paper pretties are perfect for anyone into antiques or simply beautiful design. Their motto: "... to give or enjoy yourself". I say why not do both?

{via : inkadinkadoodle on Etsy}


pretty {women}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

The hardest part about deciding to choose Leigh Viner as one of my December Darlings, was deciding which pieces from her shop I would feature. There's something about her illustrations, specifically, that draws me in. Captivates me. First of all, they're stunning. Her work is current and a little rough around the edges. It's obvious that Leigh is influenced by fashion as well as by human emotion. Right now, in her Etsy shop, you can buy two standard size prints and get one free. I'm thinking a small series of this seriously stunning works would be sublime.

{via : Leigh Viner on Etsy}


pretty darling {the 2010 edition}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}

It's December, and my December Darlings are back for another year. I think there's something special about giving handmade gifts for the holidays. Therefore, from now through December 23rd, I'll be featuring some of my favorite Etsy shops. I'll also be showcasing a {pretty} product of the day on our facebook fan page. Everyday, I'll feature a Pretty {much} Art goody, and the reason why I think that product would make a great gift {and for who}. Be sure to check it out daily, right here.

Without further ado: 
My most recent Etsy favorite is Twillypop. Twillypop's shop is full of effortlessly classic pieces. Jewelery perfect for any girly girl. There's just something about ribbon and pearls.

{via : Twillypop on Etsy}
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