pretty {tiny} miracles

On Thanksgiving Day, I woke up to a snow covered ground. My initial reaction was one of glum resignation; giving in to another season of the cold wet stuff. I'm not a huge fan of snow, but perhaps it was the thankful theme of the day that made me remember the true beauty that is snow.

The above photos are of actual snowflakes, taken by Wilson Bentley in the early 1900's. Combining art and science, Bentley saw snowflakes for what they truly are; "tiny miracles of beauty". He pioneered the theory that each snowflake is a unique design. Once a snowflake melts, that singular design, crafted with care by our Creator, is never to be seen again.

So instead of dreading the snow this season, I'll take this time to think of the wonders of this world. To be reminded of its miracles, found everywhere. Even in the most minuscule and fleeting of forms.

{via : Wikipedia & Wikimedia}

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  1. They are amazing, aren't they! So small we seldom think about them and yet each one just as unique as each one of us is.


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