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I want Wednesday...

When did chandeliers go from being shamelessly gaudy light fixtures to chic ceiling showpieces? These Marjorie Skouras chandeliers add a pop of pizzazz and a beautiful whimsy to any room. Especially a large room with brilliant pink walls. Yeah pink, why not? I want.

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  1. I like Marjorie Skouras chandeliers but her pieces are as much on "shamelessly gaudy" side as anything adorned with crystal. That second room in day glow pink room is most definitely "shamelessly gaudy" and the there is little restraint shown in the orange room either. I like both rooms, I just disagree with the idea that chandeliers before Skouras were "shamelessly gaudy" and now someone finally got it right. What shameless hyperbole! 15 years from now everyone will hate her Skouras 2000 teen pieces and love her new 2030 stuff. "Who knew Skouras chandeliers were beautiful?" Every generation thinks it invented taste. If you want to gain a good eye, you have to look beyond trends that read novel and therefore chic and pay attention to the universal inherent beauty in any given object. Beautiful chandeliers exist outside of Skouras beaded beauties.


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