pretty {tiny} miracles

On Thanksgiving Day, I woke up to a snow covered ground. My initial reaction was one of glum resignation; giving in to another season of the cold wet stuff. I'm not a huge fan of snow, but perhaps it was the thankful theme of the day that made me remember the true beauty that is snow.

The above photos are of actual snowflakes, taken by Wilson Bentley in the early 1900's. Combining art and science, Bentley saw snowflakes for what they truly are; "tiny miracles of beauty". He pioneered the theory that each snowflake is a unique design. Once a snowflake melts, that singular design, crafted with care by our Creator, is never to be seen again.

So instead of dreading the snow this season, I'll take this time to think of the wonders of this world. To be reminded of its miracles, found everywhere. Even in the most minuscule and fleeting of forms.

{via : Wikipedia & Wikimedia}


pretty {Hogwarts}

Hello dears. I hope your holiday weekend's were lovely. Mine sure was; consisting of family, friends, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Personally, I thought the movie was great, but these beautiful photos make me miss the majestic castle that is Hogwarts {sadly absent in this installment}. For even amidst the gore and bloodshed that comes with a brutal wizarding war, I'd image Hogwarts as always magically magnificent.

draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

{via : the lost princess}


{pretty} thankful

Words to live by. Not just today, but everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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pretty {pretty} princess

I want Wednesday...

In light of the recent Prince William/Kate Middelton engagement, I've decided, I want to be a princess. I admit, this isn't a new discovery. I've wanted to be a princess since I first watched The Little Mermaid when I was... um, four? Yeah, I've wanted to be a princess for over 20 years. 

Of course, what am I thinking? "I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us."

{images via : Pinterest & we heart it, quote via : A Little Princess}


pretty {warm} wishes

Hello girls and boys. Just a quick note to say that our holiday cards are flying off the cyber shelves. Order now and receive them in plenty time to spread some warm wishes to your loved ones this holiday season. Get em while they're hot! Or in this case warm; warm wishes to you all.


pretty {ladies}

Yesterday's post ended with a stunning photo by aleksandra88. Her sense of color, light and composition make her pictures romantic enchantments, and really rather wondrous works of art. Take a moment {or an hour} to peruse her pretty portfolio, here.

{via : Lovely Clusters}


a pretty color combo {red/turquoise}

From flaming fall leaves against a cyan sky, to the crimson of red winter berries. From the flush of rosy cheeks, and well into the decorative reds of the Christmas season, brilliant splashes of scarlet can be spotted along the transition from fall to winter. Whether paired with a pop of it's contrasting green/blue hue, or standing on it's own, you must admit... there's something about cherry.

{images via : Honeytree Photography, Dahlia House Art Studio, all other images via : Pinterest}


pretty {chandelier} chic

I want Wednesday...

When did chandeliers go from being shamelessly gaudy light fixtures to chic ceiling showpieces? These Marjorie Skouras chandeliers add a pop of pizzazz and a beautiful whimsy to any room. Especially a large room with brilliant pink walls. Yeah pink, why not? I want.

{found via : Pinterest}


{DYI} a pretty winter costume

pretty pictures...

In all fairness, I didn't actually take these pictures {as I'm in all of them!} But they sure are pretty, nonetheless. Of course, this last weekend was Halloween, and my friends and I celebrated in style on State Street in Madison, WI. We were dressed as the four seasons {I was obviously Winter}, and our costumes were a major hit! The 3 or so hours of getting ready was definitely worth it.

Here's a little bit about my DIY costume {incase I've inspired some Snow Queen costumes for next year - or "Frigid Bitch" costumes; A.K.A. my so-uncharacteristic nickname for the evening}...

I found the dress, pretty much as is, at a local thrift store for 5 dollars. I just added the fur trim, some tinsel {underneath the outer mesh layer} and some snowflake holiday ornaments - all with hot glue. There was also a snowflake decorated crown, that was later nixed as it didn't quite fit the "bitch" persona.

The ice makeup I found at Goodwill, in a kit. About 5 dollars.

For the hair, I had a friend slab small {about quarter inch} sections of my hair with gel. She then twisted the sections. Another friend took a blow dryer and hairspray to each small section as they were being twisted. My hair was then sprayed with white and glitter hairspray {found at Walmart for about 1 dollar each}. And then we added more glitter... of course.

There you have it. Winter in a nutshell. I hope you had as much fun this Halloween as we did.
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