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The good thing about Indian summer is that, with the feeling of late summer in the air, comes the anticipation of an upcoming fall all over again. A heat wave rolls in and we temporarily forget that autumn is already here. We look forward, once again, to chilly days and pumpkin spice lattes like they're something new.

The bad thing about Indian summer is that, once it's gone, so {seemingly suddenly} is fall. On my 40 minute - usually scenic, drive to work today I realized... it's not that pretty anymore. While the warm air has me thinking my favorite season is just around the corner, the truth is, the best of it is almost gone. Which is why, when I'm feeling the end of autumn blues, I'll look back at these pictures from Amnicon Falls and Bayfield, Wisconsin taken a couple of weeks ago. That weekend was the peak of pretty.

{images by me}

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  1. I love fall...so much is in transition...you may need to get a light box for the blues (lol)

    Nice pics...especially the baskets.

    Keep your chin up,


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