a {pretty cute} cure

sleeping beauty

No Wednesday want today friends; I'm a bit under the weather. In fact, I'm sitting here with tissue shoved up my nose in order to free my hands to type. Visualize that for a giggle! Or check out these cute critters. A little cuteness can go a long way in cheering one up. No matter what your condition, be it sick as a dog or fit as a fiddle, I hope these darlings put a smile on your face.

{images via : Jessica Savers pinterest board}


  1. Thanks for the all the cuteness. Hope you get over that nasty cold and feel better soon.

  2. oh. my. gosh! this post definitely put a smile on my face and lots of gushing over the cuteness! hope you get to feeling better soon. : )

  3. anyone that doesn't smile at the sight of that little giraffe - must already be dead. but then I guess you could add Zombies to your list of readers. ♥


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