a pretty {eerie} editorial

Fashion for your Friday

Leelee Sobieski is the embodiment of mysterious femininity in this editorial for Grey. I imagine these photographs as chronicling some dark drama; following a woman lost in the city. Or perhaps of a woman lost in her own little world. I find a slight unease in these photos, perfectly appropriate for this weekend's Halloween holiday. Have a happy one!

{found via : dustjacket attic}


a burst of {pretty} color

Today marked an epic event. This event happens once every year, and with it comes an oxymoronic mixture of giddy excitement and horrid dread. I'm talking about the first snowfall of the season.

On my drive to work this morning, I blinked my eyes a few times trying to clear them of the strange white specks that had suddenly clouded my vision, only to realize that those specks were a flurry of snow. The little kid in me will always find awe in the first snowfall of the year {snow forts! snow men! the probability of snow days! and the promise of Christmas coming!} But, I know I'll miss most of all {besides warmth} the brilliant colors of fall. The above picture simply blew me away when I saw it. Thanks to the internet, at least I know I can find stunning pictures from amazing photographers to get my fill of dazzling color all year long.

{found via : Pinterest}


a {pretty} cover

Hey peeps! Well I had a fabulous weekend. I celebrated my 25th birthday with friends, family, and Rock of Ages! It was a blast, and I hope to share some of my friend's pictures soon (cause we looked cute).

I also got some good news on my b-day. A while back I participated in the "Design Our Cover Contest" from Volume One Magazine, and my design {seen above} was featured in their latest issue! It didn't win the grand prize, but it was chosen as one of their favorites {out of about 170} and is printed in the issue. Go here to see the article online.


{pretty} bikeographic

I want Wednesday... or, umm Thursday.
This Write A Bike typographic project by Juri Zaech is super sweet. Sure, it's maybe a tad narcissistic to have your bike spell out your name, but as a kid I always wanted one of those little bike license plates with my name on it. And this seems way cooler.

{found via : Cafe Cartolina}


pretty prints {charming}

Aren't these Little Prince prints charming? They have a storybook look; and I find myself wanting to hear these princes' furry fairy tales. Somehow a fictional fairy tale character can always capture my heart. It must be in their peculiar personalities. Or perhaps, it's in their ability to take us to a place of perpetual possibilities.

{artwork via : this years girl, found via : Little Lovables}


pretty fall {in the Falls}

{pretty} pictures

The good thing about Indian summer is that, with the feeling of late summer in the air, comes the anticipation of an upcoming fall all over again. A heat wave rolls in and we temporarily forget that autumn is already here. We look forward, once again, to chilly days and pumpkin spice lattes like they're something new.

The bad thing about Indian summer is that, once it's gone, so {seemingly suddenly} is fall. On my 40 minute - usually scenic, drive to work today I realized... it's not that pretty anymore. While the warm air has me thinking my favorite season is just around the corner, the truth is, the best of it is almost gone. Which is why, when I'm feeling the end of autumn blues, I'll look back at these pictures from Amnicon Falls and Bayfield, Wisconsin taken a couple of weeks ago. That weekend was the peak of pretty.

{images by me}


a pretty new {letter} line

As promised, here's a preview of the new Pretty {much} Art line. All of our online friends will be the first to know when the pretty project is complete and our new items are hitting the shelves. So check back for a look at the full line of lovely letters. And let me know what you think!

{via : Pretty {much} Art}


a {pretty cute} cure

sleeping beauty

No Wednesday want today friends; I'm a bit under the weather. In fact, I'm sitting here with tissue shoved up my nose in order to free my hands to type. Visualize that for a giggle! Or check out these cute critters. A little cuteness can go a long way in cheering one up. No matter what your condition, be it sick as a dog or fit as a fiddle, I hope these darlings put a smile on your face.

{images via : Jessica Savers pinterest board}
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