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I took a calligraphy class in high school. After I was done with just about every project, I'd splatter the page with ink and water spots... cause that was my thing. The grungy, distressed look of a calligrapher with frustration and anger management issues was my thing. I'd painstakingly write out the lyrics to some 90's alternative rock song and then destroy the crap out of it, because it was cool. In all honesty though, it was because I couldn't do calligraphy to save my life. My marks were a mess anyway. I was too impatient to do a decent job and found myself having to cover that stuff up.

That's probably why I became a graphic designer. Creativity with a computer, and thus an UNDO button! I guess you could say "Apple Z" is my new thing. That's also probably why I was so mesmerized by this little video. Behold, Luca Barcellona's non-computer generated, perfectly executed calligraphy. Some people's talents amaze me.

{found via : OK Great, video via : Vimeo}


  1. I love, love, love the look of calligraphy as well but like you I wouldn't have the patience.

    I have also noticed since art school that I do enjoy drawing on the computer so much more than drawing in my sketchbook. That undo really is a great thing.

    That might be something that holds me back as an artist though - I really need to mix it up with the pencil a bit but I tend to always be in a hurry.

  2. I hear that. It's good to get out the ol' pencil once in a while... get back to our roots. Plus, I love a good old fashioned erasing.

  3. Oh good gosh, that amazes me also. I am left handed and when I was younger wanted to learn calligraphy, but couldn't. So I would just free hand the lettering which, of course, wasn't that wonderful. I can't believe he just does it with no guides. Wow.

  4. Hmm, I'm a lefty too. That's probably why it was so hard for me! That and my limited patients. This dude obviously knows that "practice makes perfect".


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