a pretty color combo {olive green/chocolate brown}

Today's earthy {and appetizing} color combination stems from my absolute favorite movie OF ALL TIME, Practical Magic.
This is the time of year when this magical movie starts to play on repeat in my mind. It's simplistic, rustic color tones remind me of the following: herbs from grandma's garden, organic candle wax, aged wooden floors, the smell of an old book and fresh air. Of dust motes dancing in a spot of sunshine. Of slowly shriveling autumn leaves. And of the practical magic of simple fall days.

{images via : Amelia Kay Photography, For Strange Women, Fauxkiss, Faeried Treasures, Under a Blue SkyForbidden Glade, wing by sea, Erin Reynolds Photography, Practical Magic images via : Amas Veritas}


  1. ditto ditto ditto. I've been thinking about watching this movie ever since the cool September breeze blew in. wonderful collection of images as well :)

  2. What a great set! :) I love your idea of blogging in this way! I am a photographer on ETSY.com...feel free to check out my store front or even become a fan on Facebook! Thanks!


  3. Wow - how divine! I never realised how gorgeous the shop was in that movie. I'm honoured to be included in this lovely feature, thank you!

  4. It's a beautiful combination, very restful and warm.
    And I love the way you set out your photos, they really tell a story.

  5. stunning! I'm honoured to be in here! thank you!


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