a pretty color combo {dusty peach/hot pink}

Today's clashing color combination was inspired by the above picture of Camilla Belle, highlighted in a Louis Vuitton pop of pink. A touch of black and retro styling gives this color combo a classic, Audrey Hepburn like look, making blushing Belle look fresh, yet sophisticated beyond her 23 years.

Tomorrow we step into October. Usually by this time of the year, my pink colored clothes are tucked away in a closet, not to be seen until spring. But, this bubblegum pop of color has me considering otherwise. After all, Miss Hepburn herself said it best, "I believe in pink." 

{via : a glamorous little side project, Sleepy Moon, Otispepper, I Brake for Bokeh Photography, LishPix Photos, Hadley HuttonBejewelled Bespoke Designs, & Mosey Dog}


  1. Thank you for featuring my cloud and car illustration. I believe in dusty pink. Nice textures too. I can see you are a true colourist.

  2. Who knew these color could go so well together?


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