a pretty color combo {dusty peach/hot pink}

Today's clashing color combination was inspired by the above picture of Camilla Belle, highlighted in a Louis Vuitton pop of pink. A touch of black and retro styling gives this color combo a classic, Audrey Hepburn like look, making blushing Belle look fresh, yet sophisticated beyond her 23 years.

Tomorrow we step into October. Usually by this time of the year, my pink colored clothes are tucked away in a closet, not to be seen until spring. But, this bubblegum pop of color has me considering otherwise. After all, Miss Hepburn herself said it best, "I believe in pink." 

{via : a glamorous little side project, Sleepy Moon, Otispepper, I Brake for Bokeh Photography, LishPix Photos, Hadley HuttonBejewelled Bespoke Designs, & Mosey Dog}


pretty uplifting {lil guy}

Whew. Hello blog. It's good to be back. I didn't actually go anywhere. I've just been busily {and happily} working on a new Pretty {much} Art project – a preview is coming soon! Also, as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, an unfortunate plagiarism issue recently came to my attention. For legal {as well has disheartening} reasons I will not get into this now. Suffice it to say I've been a little stressed and more than a little sickened by the matter. Some people are ok with taking advantage of others. They're greedy bastards with no morals.

On the other hand, some people simply rock. Like the makers of this insanely cute video. Marcel {the shell with shoes} really made my day. He reminded me of life's simple pleasures. Right now I'm happy that; I have my health, I have my family, I have faith, and I have shoes, and a face. I like that about myself.

{found via : marzipan inc.'s twitter, video via : vimeo}


a pretty color combo {olive green/chocolate brown}

Today's earthy {and appetizing} color combination stems from my absolute favorite movie OF ALL TIME, Practical Magic.
This is the time of year when this magical movie starts to play on repeat in my mind. It's simplistic, rustic color tones remind me of the following: herbs from grandma's garden, organic candle wax, aged wooden floors, the smell of an old book and fresh air. Of dust motes dancing in a spot of sunshine. Of slowly shriveling autumn leaves. And of the practical magic of simple fall days.

{images via : Amelia Kay Photography, For Strange Women, Fauxkiss, Faeried Treasures, Under a Blue SkyForbidden Glade, wing by sea, Erin Reynolds Photography, Practical Magic images via : Amas Veritas}


pretty {lounging} ladies

Fashion for your Friday

I'm head over heels for these lying down pin-ups. Bombshells, Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros, are the definition of glamor, sprawling in sweeping vintage frocks in an array of rich color. Remind me why it is I think bright, colored high heels are impractical and therefore own none? These ladies make me long to lounge in lavish gowns {say that 10 times fast}. May your weekend effortlessly excessive... and, of course, pretty!

{found via : coco+kelley, images via : Fashion Gone Rogue


pretty fun {fur}

I want Wednesday...

This faux-fur message board is furtastic. Just run a finger through the fluff to write a message. Kind of school-project-simple, yet oh so smart. Dedo, designed by Goncalo Campos, is an outside-the-box bulletin board that is kind of cozy and completely cool... “dedo” cool. I want it.

P.S. I also want milk, sweets, & cuddles... and a kitten.

{found via : Design*Sponge}


pretty {letters}

I took a calligraphy class in high school. After I was done with just about every project, I'd splatter the page with ink and water spots... cause that was my thing. The grungy, distressed look of a calligrapher with frustration and anger management issues was my thing. I'd painstakingly write out the lyrics to some 90's alternative rock song and then destroy the crap out of it, because it was cool. In all honesty though, it was because I couldn't do calligraphy to save my life. My marks were a mess anyway. I was too impatient to do a decent job and found myself having to cover that stuff up.

That's probably why I became a graphic designer. Creativity with a computer, and thus an UNDO button! I guess you could say "Apple Z" is my new thing. That's also probably why I was so mesmerized by this little video. Behold, Luca Barcellona's non-computer generated, perfectly executed calligraphy. Some people's talents amaze me.

{found via : OK Great, video via : Vimeo}


{here's to} a pretty September

In lieu of my Wednesday want, I'm saying hello to September. And what a better way to do that than with these breathtaking photos by Carl Bengtsson? There's something magical about these rainbow washed scenes. About how they capture what I long to be this September; a flower-child frolicking through a nostalgic fairy tail somewhere between summer and fall. 

Inspiring isn't a strong enough word to describe Bengtsson's work. I'd love to show you his entire portfolio, but I'll let you see it for yourself; here. Genius.

{found via : Eat Drink Chic}
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