a shabby-chic {pretty} retreat

I want this too...

Contrary to yesterday's spacious space, this Victorian cottage is teeny tiny. But it's just as captivating. Truth be told, I've always been attracted to little nooks and niches. There's a certain charm to small spaces that lofty lofts just can't come close to.

While this hidden haven isn't vast in space, its romantic interior leaves me feeling that this could be the setting for a rather epic love story. Even if that love story comes from a place where it seems appropriate to spend time alone, finding love within oneself. Read the real story behind the hut here. It's a story of one woman's hard work, $3,000 in renovations {yes, that's all!}, and how a hunting cabin became a dream-come-true retreat.

{via : the NY Times, found via : Wiley Valentine}


  1. oh WOW
    this is so Beautiful
    and MAGICAL
    and LOVELY
    and DREAMY

  2. I love this! It is so gorgeous, I want to live there.

  3. That's awesome :)
    I did a post a while ago about cottage art studios so I LOVE little spaces like this as a retreat...somewhere to relax and unwind and do some art :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the starkness of the white. It's so striking against the scenery.

  5. How absolutely beautiful. Wish it was mine- I'd never go out!!

  6. Are you freaking KIDDING me??? It's magical. It's a fairy tale.


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