a pretty color combo {indigo/wheat}

One of my favorite images is that of a wheat field on a stormy autumn day. The contrast of a darkened indigo sky over the brilliant gold of wheat rippling in the wind is subtly eerie and abundantly beautiful – just as autumn should be.

{via : September House, Little Bug Jewelry, Country DreamingDitte Isager {found via : Bright Bold & Beautifulyee von, The Niki Project, & Helen Zouvelekis}


pretty {poignant}

Grab a tissue before pressing play... you have been warned.

When I came across this video the other day, I knew I wanted to share it. This is the story of Danny & Annie - Danny and Annie, who loved each other unconditionally until the day Danny died. Presented in such a refreshing way, Danny and Annie's blunt, mater-of-fact recollection of their love for one another is a heart-wrenching {or rather heart-warming} story of love and life. It made me smile. It made me cry. It made me wonder at the everyday beautiful people in this world and the stories their voices can tell.

This video was recorded and created by StoryCorps. "The mission of StoryCorps is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives."

“By listening closely to one another, we can help illuminate the true character of this nation reminding us all just how precious each day can be and how truly great it is to be alive." ~ Dave Isay, Founder

{via : StoryCorps, video via : Vimeo}


pretty {rock'n} frocks

I want Wednesday...

A couple of days ago H&M's facebook page released a preview of their new capsule collection. "By Night" is a collection of "20 'It' dresses, draped and cut for any party night out."  Racy black lace and sexy, studded ensembles; these come-hither dresses are a rock and roll attitude encased in a glamorous guise. I want the last one. {Actually, I think I may need it for my birthday bash this year,  a.k.a. Rock of Ages – just 2 months away! That dress was totally made to rock.}

{via : H&M}


{pretty} cake couture

I'm sure many of you have spotted these cakes captivating the blogosphere, but they're just too pretty for me to not share myself. Feast your eyes on these stunning cake creations from Magpie's Cakes. The elaborate frosted flowers and intricate icing ruffles; so chic... so sweet.

{found via : Lushlee, images via : Magpie's Cakes}


pretty summer {still}

Fashion for your Friday

I'm all for fall. In fact, it's my favorite time of year. When the chill of autumn starts to descend over summer, I get goosebumbs caused more by excitement than by my bodily reaction to the changing weather. So I have no problem seeing fall fashions sneak onto the scene.

However, when I came across these pretty photos by Antonella Arismendi for the Kling Summer 2010 Collection campaign, I had to take a step back. I realize now that I should take advantage of every last bit of summer. The hazy, lazy, sunny, soft, carefree, airy, dog-days of summer. I might just miss them when they're gone.

{found via : le Happy, images via : Antonella Arismendi – P.S. That's a cool name, right?}


a pretty ring {fling}

I want Wednesday...

Lately I've been loving double finger rings. And rings-that-are-things rings. OldGold Boutique has fabulous finger adornments with just the right amount of whimsy. We're talking anything but boring ring bling. I want.

{found via : handmade charlotte, images via : OldGold Boutique}


pretty {put together}

Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that my graphic design portfolio is now online. Yes, that which I've been working on since freshman year of college {and will continue to work on for the rest of my life} has been cultivated, picked over and painstakingly put together for your, and potential employer's, viewing pleasures.  Click here to check out my mad skills.


pretty {lovely} lace

{pretty} pictures & other pretties

Isn't Queen Anne's Lace just the prettiest weed? Delicate and darling. As are all lovely lace things.

{images via : me, weheartit, pinterest, inleaf design, & minted.}


a shabby-chic {pretty} retreat

I want this too...

Contrary to yesterday's spacious space, this Victorian cottage is teeny tiny. But it's just as captivating. Truth be told, I've always been attracted to little nooks and niches. There's a certain charm to small spaces that lofty lofts just can't come close to.

While this hidden haven isn't vast in space, its romantic interior leaves me feeling that this could be the setting for a rather epic love story. Even if that love story comes from a place where it seems appropriate to spend time alone, finding love within oneself. Read the real story behind the hut here. It's a story of one woman's hard work, $3,000 in renovations {yes, that's all!}, and how a hunting cabin became a dream-come-true retreat.

{via : the NY Times, found via : Wiley Valentine}


a pretty {spacious} space

I want Wednesday...

How can such a lofty loft seem so completely cozy? Oh, the light! The height! The continuation of the warm wooden walls from inside to out. In fact, with those colossal windows the line is blurred between where nature ends and where home begins. All I can say is, I want this room.

And I didn't even mention the books!

{found via : Pinterest}


a pretty color combo {aqua/salmon}

For some reason, I find myself drawing inspiration from an aqua/salmon color combo today. This breezy color medley must be my ode to an almost ending summer. A touch vintage but oh so fresh, this union of color is spirited and calming at the same time. It's like a lingering sunset on a perfectly crisp late summer evening. The last moments of the day during the last moments of the season... some of my favorite moments to be in.

{images via : Sunshine Art & Design, Joy St. Claire Photography, Made By Sam, Brittany Chavers, & slight clutter photography}


the word pretty {perfectly} defines these dresses

Fashion for your Friday

I'm DYING over the flowing, girly goodness of these gorgeous gowns. Designer Maria Lucia Hohan's wedding dresses exude elegance. And these awe-inspiring photos {taken by the cherry blossom girl} capture the exquisite collection with perfect vision. C'est magnifique!

{found via : Hello! Lucky, images via : the cherry blossom girl}


pretty {dreamy}

Remember the sleeping porches I blogged about a while back? Well, I think they've just been outdone. Photographed for Bloomingdales by Ditte Isager {who's work is amazing my the way}, these beds are simply dreamy. Surrounded by nature but as comfortable {or perhaps more so} than your own bed, I feel like these beds encompass everything that is relaxing. It'd take more that a little rain to make me leave these sleeping beauties.

{found via : Creature Comforts, images via : Ditte Isager}


pretty {illustrated} ceramics

I want Wednesday...

I seem to be on a pottery kick lately. Perhaps that's because I've come to the realization that truly unique and inspiring ceramics are hard to come by {at least by my standards}. Which is why finding such ceramics makes me happy. Case in point, Esther Coombs's drawing adorned vintage china.

Even though all of her upcycled ceramics are found at flea markets and thrift stores, I think I'd be a tad nervous drawing with permanent marker on china. Like I'd be breaking some sort of rule. I guess that's part of what makes these quirky dishes so delightful.

{found via : ruffled, images via : Esther Coombs}
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