a pretty trip {up North}

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  This weekend my mom and I packed up our things {she'll get a kick out of that line, since she actually forgot her luggage! - it's ok, we can laugh at it now} and headed up to northern Wisconsin for the Northwoods Art Tour. Artists opened their galleries, studios, and in some cases, their homes in order to share with us what inspires them. Perhaps my favorite stop on the tour was making "a ring" for the Treewhispers project using handmade paper that I helped create.

You can learn more about the Treewhisper's forest here.

Aside from forgotten luggage, oh and staying in a slasher-movie-ish motel in the middle of the woods, it was an enjoyable, and certainly inspirational experience.

{images by me}

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  1. That is so awesome! I could really use a getaway like that right now!


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