pretty poppin {part 2}

I want Wednesday...

This poppy pottery is pretty delightful. It's hard to believe the artist is only 17. She makes poppy pottery almost prettier than actual poppies. And we all know much I adore poppies!

{via : Marci G's}


a pretty trip {up North}

{pretty} pictures

  This weekend my mom and I packed up our things {she'll get a kick out of that line, since she actually forgot her luggage! - it's ok, we can laugh at it now} and headed up to northern Wisconsin for the Northwoods Art Tour. Artists opened their galleries, studios, and in some cases, their homes in order to share with us what inspires them. Perhaps my favorite stop on the tour was making "a ring" for the Treewhispers project using handmade paper that I helped create.

You can learn more about the Treewhisper's forest here.

Aside from forgotten luggage, oh and staying in a slasher-movie-ish motel in the middle of the woods, it was an enjoyable, and certainly inspirational experience.

{images by me}


{pretty} ruled

I want Wednesday...
This ruled paper rules. I admit, I'm not sure how much I'd actually use it. I mean, it's not very practical is it? But, the Inspiration Pad by Marc Thomasset sure is fun. And what's life without breaking some rules?

{found via : handmade charlotte}


{pretty} pop posters

I want Wednesday...
There's something I love about these uncomplicated typographic posters; a music philosophy project by Mica. Music has always been a big part of my life, and these posters prove that music lyrics can evoke an emotion simple statements sometimes can't. I am wondering if this poster project doesn't break some copyright rules with the songs involved? I guess I don't care. I still want the posters. All of my favorites. I can see myself having a roomful someday. A room of my favorite song lyrics... that would be pretty.

{via : Mica, found via : seesaw.}


{pretty} grape & vine invites

Speaking of wedding invitations, take a peek at my latest invite design for Joshua & Hilary. The grape and vine illustration is perfectly elegant and so suitable for the late September, vineyard and wine themed wedding.

{via : Pretty {much} Art - contact me if you're interested in how Pretty {much} Art can custom design something for you!}


{pretty} programs

Remember the tiger lily wedding invitations I designed a while back? Well, I wanted to share with you the corresponding programs I designed. The ceremony is this weekend and I can't wait to see my dear friend's wedding come together {even if by the end of Saturday, these lovingly designed pieces will be strewn all over church pews and forgotten}.

{via : Pretty {much} Art}


pretty {cookies}

So I spent the better part of this afternoon just ogling this blog. Due to rain, I didn't get to enjoy any s'mores this past holiday weekend. Sad, I know. So I'm getting my sweet fix by eyeing these amazingly cute cookies and cakes and eating... well yogurt. But, I'm pretending the yogurt is frosting. Like I said; sad. Amanda's work just goes to show that art can happen in any medium. And if that medium happens to be sugary goodness, that's all the better.

{via : i am baker, found via : kris atomic}
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