Pin it Forward {pretties}

Remember the blog it forward mash-up? Well, Victoria from sfgirlbybay {along with Pinterest - a must for bloggers!} has graciously organized another blogger event; Pin it Forward. Pinterest is a website that creates your own inspiration boards from images you find on the web. The theme for Pin it Forward's mash-up is "what home means to me". So without further ado...

Books, art, color, light, handmade things, flea market finds, throwing open windows, curling up in blankets, coziness, food, family, laughing loudly, quiet moments, the mid-west, peace, a place where knowing that everything will be okay is realized. This is what home means to me.

Go here for a complete list of the Pin It participants. Thank you to hello, splendor for passing on the torch. And join papermode tomorrow for more homey inspiration.

P.S. Pinterest is an amazing little tool for bloggers and inspiration seekers, however you need to be invited to join. I have 10 invitations to give away so leave a comment with your email if you'd like an invite!
{visit my Pinterest board for sources}


  1. Hi, I love the rainbow bookshelf. If only we can find books the color coded way! also love that patio cafe'. Nice images.

  2. I love the inspiration boards....I also very much loves homes! We're doing tons of renovation on ours & hope to build in the future. So I am always looking at designs and pictures.

  3. lovely! i love color-coding my books . . . but my collection is not nearly so large!

  4. Thanks guys! jcsmith - I'm trying to invite you to Pinterest using the email address you gave me, but it says the email is invalided or something. Sorry!


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