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In case you missed it, Pretty {much} Art had a pretty good weekend. We were interviewed and featured in a local newspaper. Subsequently, the article found its way into three other papers throughout central Wisconsin. And more exciting yet, we made it to the Etsy front page for the first time! This has been my goal since I started my Etsy shop, so I'm so happy it finally happened. A set of our notecards are also featured in this treasury. Be sure to check it out! Hope you all had a great weekend.


{pretty} porches

I want Wednesday...

I want a sleeping porch. Seriously. A bed. Outside. Ahh, heavenly.

{via : apartment therapy}


Pin it Forward {pretties}

Remember the blog it forward mash-up? Well, Victoria from sfgirlbybay {along with Pinterest - a must for bloggers!} has graciously organized another blogger event; Pin it Forward. Pinterest is a website that creates your own inspiration boards from images you find on the web. The theme for Pin it Forward's mash-up is "what home means to me". So without further ado...

Books, art, color, light, handmade things, flea market finds, throwing open windows, curling up in blankets, coziness, food, family, laughing loudly, quiet moments, the mid-west, peace, a place where knowing that everything will be okay is realized. This is what home means to me.

Go here for a complete list of the Pin It participants. Thank you to hello, splendor for passing on the torch. And join papermode tomorrow for more homey inspiration.

P.S. Pinterest is an amazing little tool for bloggers and inspiration seekers, however you need to be invited to join. I have 10 invitations to give away so leave a comment with your email if you'd like an invite!
{visit my Pinterest board for sources}


{"berry"} pretty berries

{pretty} pictures

Whew, it's been a while. I was busy preparing for a job interview last week. It went fine, but it's not over yet and I don't really want to dwell on it now. So instead I'll dwell on the rather nice weekend I had. It was the first weekend in a long time that I wasn't crazy busy.

On Saturday I went strawberry picking with my mom. We got a little lost on the way to the patch, but taking an impromptu road trip on a beautiful mid-west summer day wasn't the worst way to spend my time. And picking these beautiful berries was well worth the drive; especially after they were dipped in white chocolate and devoured as such.

{images by me}


{pretty} front page worthy

This pretty Etsy treasury {including my green and brown dragonfly notecards} could definitely make the front page. Don't think think?
{thanks to : Enchanted Dandelions}



I want Wednesday...

I'm a reader. Especially during the summer months. Don't get me wrong; I realize summer is for hiking and swimming. Active stuff... or something. But for me chillaxing outside with a good book is what summer's all about. Which is why I want one, or more {a collection actually} of these tees from Out of Print Clothing. These book cover tees are graphic and expressive. And as an added bonus, for each shirt Out of Print Clothing sells, one book is donated to a community in need. Celebrating "the world's great stories though fashion"... now that's classic.


{pretty} beach'n

Summer hasn't officially started, but after this past Memorial Day weekend it sure feels like it. After a fun day trip in Chicago {pictures to come}, I spent some time lounging on the beach along Lake Michigan. I'm normally not a beach-goer {my snowy-white skin fries like bacon} but sprawling in the sand under the hot summer sun made me feel, in that moment, what summer is meant to be. Ryan Tatar's totally awesome photography captures that feeling perfectly. Here's to a delightful summer season. Hang ten! – whatever that means.
{images via : Ryan Tatar, found via : s a s s}
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