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I'm in an oddly good mood today. For the past couple of days the heat has been making me crabby. It's been record highs here in WI, and I am not a heat person. Sweatshirts and scarfs. That's the kind of person I am. Today the heat-wave hasn't subsided and the sudden downpour hasn't affected it or the humidity. I've discovered that my mood is directly influenced by the weather, but for some reason, Mother Nature's mood swings and hot flashes haven't bothered me a bit today. {P.S. I literally lost power as I was typing that. Yay for Blogger's auto-save!}
My merry mood must be because of these witty illustrations. I hope they brighten your day {no matter how badly you're getting stormed on} as they have mine.
{via : GLENNZ }


  1. haha! these are really funny! i especially like the sesame street one and the noah's arc. poor unicorn!

    found you on etsy forums, I hope you'll come visit me too!


  2. I love the top one, it's awesome!


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