pretty {orange} beautiful

I'm taking a little day trip into Chicago this weekend. Just a mini vacation with some family to kick start my summer. I have no major plans for once I get there, but I am hoping to pop into the newly opened Orange Beautiful Studio + Shop. I'm a big fan of Orange Beautiful's blog and I think the shop looks pretty beautiful.
I'm open for other ideas as to how to spend my Saturday in Chi-Town, so let me know if there's anything else I should try to see!

{images via : Orange Beautiful's flickr }


{Pantone} pretty

I want Wednesday...

May is national bike month, and because I like to honor every national "whatever" month, a couple of weeks ago I bout a bike. It's purple, and functional, and I love it. But it isn't nearly as cool as these Pantone bicycles. Too bad I just bought my bike cause... I kinda want one.

{image via : kris's color stripes}


{pretty} amusing

I'm in an oddly good mood today. For the past couple of days the heat has been making me crabby. It's been record highs here in WI, and I am not a heat person. Sweatshirts and scarfs. That's the kind of person I am. Today the heat-wave hasn't subsided and the sudden downpour hasn't affected it or the humidity. I've discovered that my mood is directly influenced by the weather, but for some reason, Mother Nature's mood swings and hot flashes haven't bothered me a bit today. {P.S. I literally lost power as I was typing that. Yay for Blogger's auto-save!}
My merry mood must be because of these witty illustrations. I hope they brighten your day {no matter how badly you're getting stormed on} as they have mine.
{via : GLENNZ }


{pretty} comforting

I want Wednesday...

I've upset my best friend by breaking some bad news, so now I'm feeling a little down. I could use some comfort food...or lets be honest, a comfort cocktail.
{images via : Citrus and Candy - a feast-for-the-eyes of a blog}


pretty pottery

I'm pretty sure I've seen the pretty pottery of Stephanie Kao before, and then somehow (inexplicably) forgot about it. Until today. Take a look and wonder at the amazing detail and craftsmanship of Stephanie's decorated dishware. Hand thrown and hand painted, these ceramics seem simple at first but, really they're so intricately embellished. And they're just pretty.
{via : Stephanie Kao}


pretty {lazy} sunday

{pretty} pictures

The weather in Wisconsin this past weekend was kind of perfect. I lounged out on the deck for most of Sunday, and my cat could attest that it was a splendid day for snoozing in the flower garden. I feel like we invented the quintessential lazy weekend. How was yours?


pretty {Cotton} candy

I always wanted to live in Candy Land. You know, the game with a world made of candy for the taking. What kid didn't? However, Will Cotton's gluttonously delicious paintings make Candy Land seem somehow unsophisticated. With peppermint palaces and cotton candy clouds {not to mention the nude women lounging around}, I imagine this sugar-coated creation to be the artist's version of heaven. Surreal sweetness.
{via : Kris Atomic & Will Cotton}


a {pretty} hill

Speaking of pretty pictures, I'm in love with this photo series by Chicago photographer, Paul Octavious  – Same Hill, Different Day. For two years Paul visited "the hill" and took pictures of its happenings. Seems simple, and yet there's something so wonderful in finding the beauty in a hill and its community. Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that these people are happy? At least for that moment... especially on kite flying day.

Each time I have come to the hill a new story is told to me as if the hill is my stage and the locals are the actors in this daily play.  -Paul


pretty {cool} pictures

{pretty} pictures

How is it possible that it's been so long since I've last been here? To be honest, it's easy not to blog. As many of you know blogging requires time, sometimes LOTS of time. And, a few glitches in the past month {computer problems, a blogger scammer virus thing, no time - as I'm trying hard to expand my freelance career and get my portfolio put together...} slowed me down. But, I've missed my computer community and have decided it's time to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

In an effort to keep me blogging {and to keep my photography going} I'm starting a Pretty Pictures series. I'm hoping this post will happen on a somewhat regular basis. First up, here are some pictures from my weekend. This past Friday, May 7th {yes, MAY} we Wisconsinites had some seriously unseasonable weather. Aside from losing power for about an hour due to the weight of snow on branches knocking down power lines, seeing the spring flowers and leaves cloaked in silvery white was pretty cool.
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