{pretty} hiking

Thanks to all of you for the sweet comments from last week's post. I was going through one of those times in life where you're suddenly forced to question yourself and your life's choices. Self-doubt is a hard thing, but maybe it's something we go through to make sure we're bettering our lives... living them to their fullest potential. And of course you all were right, things are getting better.

This weekend was just what I needed to help me get back to my old-self. A birthday celebration with friends and spending Easter hiking with my parents on a most beautiful spring day. Fresh air, sunshine, family, and friends. It's hard to stay sulking in such negativity when I'm utterly basking in the positive.

P.S. For some reason Blogger has not been cooperating on my Mac. So, until I get the problem resolved, you may be seeing less posts from me. Until then, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the Pretty {much} Art happenings.
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