{pretty} lily invites

Last week I had a little party. Ok, not really a party. More like a let's-work-our-butts-off-and-get-these-invites-assembled gathering. But spending a couple of hours with the bride-to-be, her sister, her mom and my mom putting together the wedding invitations I designed was a great way to wrap up the process of making my friend's oh so important invites. I started the process just over a month ago with hand drawing the various tiger lilies and coming up with some proofs for the bride and groom. The tiger lily influenced set was then flat printed on a white linen cardstock, assembled and enclosed in an "orange flame" metallic pocketfold card. 
I think these summer inspired invites turned out pretty perfect for the July wedding. Hopefully these will be the first of many wedding invitations I'll get to design in my career {p.s. - contact me if you're interested in my services!

A huge thanks goes out to my mom for helping me with these. Ordering the right paper, figuring out pricing, getting everything printed and cut, etc. is not an easy task. I couldn't have made these so successfully without her!
{via : Pretty {much} Art}

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