pretty {kiddies}

Lord knows I've always wanted to be a ballerina. Is it too late in life to make that happen? Probably. Which is why I'll have to sadly live vicariously through these children in both dance skills and fashion sense. While I think the whole concept of the mini fashionistas from Vogue Enfants Paris is kind of ridiculous {come on, let kids be kids} I can't deny their preppy-sassy cuteness. Tres chic tots.
{images via : fashionista , found via : {Bits of Beauty}}


  1. Man i wish i could have worn that cool of cloths when i was in a dancer! mine ummm.... were interesting lol

  2. ya i was aballerina as a kid...not good at all but i got to try it out. im not that good at dancing now either lol

  3. I couldn't agree with you more (...let kids be kids...) But I do love those ballerina images. That girl just makes me so envious :)


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