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Hi friends. Today is my day to participate in the blog it forward mash-up. A big thanks to Victoria from sfgirlbybay for organizing this event. Also, a thank you to Power Tools and Thread for passing on the torch. For those of you meeting me for the first time through the mash-up; welcome! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 24 year old graphic designer and owner {along with my mom} of Pretty {much} Art. So... what inspires me?

Pretty things. Obviously. But, I find most of my sources for pretty things comes from photography. I'm always on the hunt for pretty pictures. Good photography does more than aesthetically inspire me; it can evoke an emotion, spark a memory.

I'm also inspired by iconic photos. A photo really can say 1,000 words, and there are some photos that will simply never stop telling their story.

Graphic design.


Printmaking & Letterpress.

Mood boards may be another obvious choice, as their soul purpose is to inspire, but I find other people's mood boards {especially in terms of coordinating colors} very inspiring in my own work.

Blogs. I follow too many blogs to list all of them, but blogs {and bloggers} literally inspire me to become a better artist and in many ways, a better person.

The changing seasons.

Finally, my friends and family {especially my parents} for the unconditional support they've given me throughout my life. Their encouragement and faith in my life's choices are my daily inspiration to keep doing the things that make me happy. I'd be nothing without their belief in me.

Check out Pure Green tomorrow for some more inspiration, as well as all of the other participants found here.


  1. Great post! I look forward to visiting regularly.

  2. I love these collages you put together! Such eye candy!

  3. Great post and beautiful images. xoxo

  4. Beautiful post, and such great inspirations!

  5. the other posts on this blog, were pretty too! i'll be back.

  6. I love that poppy photo up at the top!

  7. Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. Thanks all. Glad I could help inspire you too :)

  9. All of these photos are so dreamy! The poppy is especially striking. Thanks for sharing!

  10. oh! thanks so much for the feature! totally honored!


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