pretty {blah}

Sorry for the recent reduction in blog posts. I really have no good excuse for my lack of blogging. I haven't been busy, I've just been absent. And by that, I mean absent in my general life. I've been in a funk. Sort of sad. Worried. Worn out. Discouraged. Just tired. So tired. Gratefully, after a quick browse through some of my favorite Etsy sellers, I found some rather sunny prints; giving me a glimmer of optimism to overcome the gloom.
{via : Mae Chevrette, Please Be Still, Volume 25, & studio mela}


{pretty} lily invites

Last week I had a little party. Ok, not really a party. More like a let's-work-our-butts-off-and-get-these-invites-assembled gathering. But spending a couple of hours with the bride-to-be, her sister, her mom and my mom putting together the wedding invitations I designed was a great way to wrap up the process of making my friend's oh so important invites. I started the process just over a month ago with hand drawing the various tiger lilies and coming up with some proofs for the bride and groom. The tiger lily influenced set was then flat printed on a white linen cardstock, assembled and enclosed in an "orange flame" metallic pocketfold card. 
I think these summer inspired invites turned out pretty perfect for the July wedding. Hopefully these will be the first of many wedding invitations I'll get to design in my career {p.s. - contact me if you're interested in my services!

A huge thanks goes out to my mom for helping me with these. Ordering the right paper, figuring out pricing, getting everything printed and cut, etc. is not an easy task. I couldn't have made these so successfully without her!
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pretty {garden} garments

So, spring sprang on Saturday, but I'm suddenly in the mood for summer. The Garden Collection {launched last week at H&M} is a touch romantic, a little flirty, and a bit Bohemian. Made from organic and recycled material, the Garden Collection is free-spirited and completely effortless. Just as summer should be.
{via : H&M}


pretty {kiddies}

Lord knows I've always wanted to be a ballerina. Is it too late in life to make that happen? Probably. Which is why I'll have to sadly live vicariously through these children in both dance skills and fashion sense. While I think the whole concept of the mini fashionistas from Vogue Enfants Paris is kind of ridiculous {come on, let kids be kids} I can't deny their preppy-sassy cuteness. Tres chic tots.
{images via : fashionista , found via : {Bits of Beauty}}


pretty {ruche}

I'm not sure how it's possible that I've not heard of RUCHE  until today. Ruche is an online  "modern women's boutique with a vintage touch". It's reminiscent of Free People and Anthropologie, and is *gasp* actually affordable! I'm always a little leery about buying clothes online, but this shop is full of cute accessories that I might just have to get my hands on {like those necklaces - ooh la la!}
{via : ROUCHE , found via : STELLA + HODGE & i am a greedy girl}


pretty paper {domes}

I want Wednesday...
So, I'm not really a hands-on kind of artist. I sketch and I design. My mom makes all of our coasters, magnets and pendants... and for good reason. Really, I can barely cut a strait line. Which is why I'm so blown away by these papercut terrariums. Very elaborate and yet effortlessly whimsical; these pretty paper sculptures are seriously cool. I kinda want one.
{via : Helen Musselwhite, found via : Oh So Beautiful Paper}


pretty {poppin}

A couple of you commented on the poppy picture from this post. I must say, poppies are probably my favorite flower. They're so striking and graphic. It must be their hight, how they grow in massive groups, or of course, their stunning pop of color. They have an interesting shape; even their pods are pretty. Poppies remind me of summer, of my grandma's garden, and of the Wizard of Oz.
{images via : create...love...laugh, g(art)en, eleanor's photography, photogenic gallery, Artful Magpie}


pretty inspires {me}

Hi friends. Today is my day to participate in the blog it forward mash-up. A big thanks to Victoria from sfgirlbybay for organizing this event. Also, a thank you to Power Tools and Thread for passing on the torch. For those of you meeting me for the first time through the mash-up; welcome! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 24 year old graphic designer and owner {along with my mom} of Pretty {much} Art. So... what inspires me?

Pretty things. Obviously. But, I find most of my sources for pretty things comes from photography. I'm always on the hunt for pretty pictures. Good photography does more than aesthetically inspire me; it can evoke an emotion, spark a memory.

I'm also inspired by iconic photos. A photo really can say 1,000 words, and there are some photos that will simply never stop telling their story.

Graphic design.


Printmaking & Letterpress.

Mood boards may be another obvious choice, as their soul purpose is to inspire, but I find other people's mood boards {especially in terms of coordinating colors} very inspiring in my own work.

Blogs. I follow too many blogs to list all of them, but blogs {and bloggers} literally inspire me to become a better artist and in many ways, a better person.

The changing seasons.

Finally, my friends and family {especially my parents} for the unconditional support they've given me throughout my life. Their encouragement and faith in my life's choices are my daily inspiration to keep doing the things that make me happy. I'd be nothing without their belief in me.

Check out Pure Green tomorrow for some more inspiration, as well as all of the other participants found here.
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