pretty potholes {yes, potholes}

There's something so endearing {and a bit amusing} about taking something as crude as a pothole and turning it into a garden. And, what's prettier than something that was never meant to be pretty in the first place? Turning something into more that just a hole in the road is a quiet reminder of how simply good this world can be.
{via : Pete Dungey, found via : oh joy}


  1. There's potential beauty everywhere!

  2. Now this just rocks my world! You should see the pot holes on my street: room for a whole swimming pool.

  3. those are too cool.
    But nothing beats the talking pothole in the Geico commercial. ;) JK

  4. oh my gosh that is so funny! BECAUSE our neighborhood is overcome by potholes all of a sudden and no one will fix them. i might just go put plants in them in the middle of the night and hopefully HOA will get the point! :)

  5. I love that idea. I get so frustrated and am just waiting for a flat tire from all the potholes. This certainly does make you look at them a little different. Brings a smile. A nice glimpse of spring!


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