pretty free{ing}

I know it's a little early for spring {in fact, it looks like I'm stuck in a gigantic snow-globe from the view outside my window} but, like I mention last week, my spring fever has sprung. "Spring" must get its name from the giddy sense of buoyancy that comes with it. That bouncy, spirited, freeing feeling that gets so lost in February. These sweet little botanical prints from Mitchell and Dent {who's entire shop is complete cuteness, by the way} remind me of that feeling. There's something so freeing about drawing simple lines... and then coloring outside them.
{via : Mitchell and Dent - here & here}


  1. Lovely prints!
    The colder it is and the more snow we get, the more I'm attracted to anything floral and to vibrant spring colors.

  2. Those are beautiful, and indeed so fitting of Spring as they are fresh and clean and cheerful!

  3. Its really very beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing it.


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