pretty potholes {yes, potholes}

There's something so endearing {and a bit amusing} about taking something as crude as a pothole and turning it into a garden. And, what's prettier than something that was never meant to be pretty in the first place? Turning something into more that just a hole in the road is a quiet reminder of how simply good this world can be.
{via : Pete Dungey, found via : oh joy}


pretty free{ing}

I know it's a little early for spring {in fact, it looks like I'm stuck in a gigantic snow-globe from the view outside my window} but, like I mention last week, my spring fever has sprung. "Spring" must get its name from the giddy sense of buoyancy that comes with it. That bouncy, spirited, freeing feeling that gets so lost in February. These sweet little botanical prints from Mitchell and Dent {who's entire shop is complete cuteness, by the way} remind me of that feeling. There's something so freeing about drawing simple lines... and then coloring outside them.
{via : Mitchell and Dent - here & here}


pretty {graphic} art

As I get further away from my experiences as a graphic design major in college and further into "the real world" {going on two years now}, I find myself being more inspired by fine art {i.e. painting, sculpture, photography, illustration...} and less by graphic design. It's unfortunate actually, but I find that living in a small town, not being surround by my graphic design peers, makes good graphic design inspiration harder to come by than it was in college. Which is why I was beyond excited to discover the work of Fabien Barral today. Barral is a French based graphic designer who combines communication design with fine art flawlessly. Barral's designs are works of art in themselves. I love, love, love the use of layers in his work, and his design aesthetic in general. In fact, I haven't been this inspired in a long time.

If you are inspired by graphic design, or any form of design really, please send links my way. Inspiration is always worth sharing! And check out some more inspiration on Barral's Graphic Exchange blog.
{via : Fabien Barral}


pretty {royal} purple

Pretty {much} Art is featured in a pretty purple treasury! I love purple in all of its majestic and mysterious ways. And as it's Ash Wednesday, the spirituality that's associated with purple makes this plum hued collection very fitting.
{via : Five Little Gems - thanks!}


pretty {flowers}

I'm ready for spring. Today it just hit me; I'm ready for spring. It's probably because I found these lovely photos yesterday. Suddenly I want to run through a field of wild flowers, lie in them, breathe in the fresh air mingled with their perfumed scent. It's hard to take a photo of a flower without it looking like a million other photos of flowers. These photos not only do that, but they transport my mind to another place, in another season. And they're pretty. They're just pretty.
{photos via : Maco@Sky Walker, found via : Dig Under Rocks}


ask me {pretty much} anything

What's my favorite color? What's my favorite flower? Ask me onIn fact, go ahead, ask me anything.
{image via : flickr}


pretty in pink {& red}

So, this weekend is Valentine's Day. I think. Right? Yeah, it is. I obviously couldn't care less. Putting my single status aside, I just think Valentine's Day is kind of over the top. Personally, I think it means more to get gifts and be showered with love on a completely unexpected day. Not just the National I'm-supposed-to-show-you-how-much-I-love-you-today Day. However, the color scheme is amazing. Pink and red together!? Hello! Only on V-day.
{images via : weheartit - search tags red & pink}


blog it forward = {pretty} inspiring

My dearest followers, I'm so sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. I'm aware that I've been utterly neglectful of my pretty blog. In my defense, I've been busy! Which, as I've been trying more and more to branch out into freelance work and {as always} expanding Pretty {much} Art, is a good thing! I do feel bad, however, that my blog slacking may have left you all with some lack in inspiration. I know I'm certainly inspired by the blogs I follow. But, I have some great news; Blog it Forward starts today!

Luckily for us, the theme of the first very Blog it Forward Mashup is "what inspires you personally". Everyday you'll see what inspires ten different bloggers. I happen to get inspired by many bloggers on the list, so I'm very excited to see where their own inspiration comes from. I'm even more excited to be apart of this inspiring event of 300 bloggers. My own post will be coming up in March, so be sure to stay tuned. In the meantime, here are today's 10 bloggers.

sfgirlbybaycreature comfortshula seventypaper pony

design for mankindink on my fingerspoppytalk

heart fishoh, hello friendsmile and wave

At anytime you can click on the blog if forward badge on my blog to see the entire schedule. May you find your muse.

{via : sfgirlbybay - a huge thank you for organizing this little event}


{pretty} props

I've decided that my next job {after the graphic designer-crafter-blogger-writer-artist thing} will be a food and prop stylist as inspired by the works of Elodie Rambaud. Elodie knows how to compose color, lines, and lighting so flawlessly that her pieces just come to life. Seriously, can you smell the muffins? Aside from making me want to eat, her stylings make me want to somehow create something beautiful out of objects as common as food. Her absorbing images capture the commonplace in arresting ways that most people could never imagine.


{pretty} fey

Pretty {much} Art would like to announce that we are now on Fey Handmade! We are truly honored by Christine's invitation to join this community of lovely handmade artists. As each artist has been so thoughtfully chosen, Fey Handmade is chock-full of nothing but pretties. Fey is sure to become a daily stop {at least for me} for an eye-full of handmade favorites. View our shop here.
{via : Fey Handmade}
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