{anthro}pretty part deux

I want Wednesday...It's a little redundant to say I want something from Anthropologie. It's also pretty predictable in happy blog land {it seems as if everyone's been blogging about Anthropologie's awesomeness lately.} But I thought I was on a roll with the whole {anthro}pretty thing, and this is what I want. Not just the clothes {because I want all of them, and therefore I want a bigger closet, which would require me wanting a bigger house, oh and money, yeah, I want money...} but also I want to be the person who wears these clothes. She seems cool.
{via : Anthropologie}


  1. I've often thought just that when looking through their work-of-art catalog! So many times you can't even see the item they're featuring but it doesn't even matter because you know you want it! Hehe!

    Love those photos.

  2. love these picks. especially the hot pink one.
    anthro just steals my heart. <3

    p.s. so glad I found your blog!


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