a pretty {valentine's} adornment idea

Remember yesterday's Wednesday want? Turns out you don't need an occasion to show off some fabulous cupcake liners. Even the not so special ones can make a pretty gorgeous garland. With Valentine's day coming up this do-it-yourself decor is just oh so sweet {and simple!}

wrapped up {in pretty}

I want Wednesday...I never thought I'd really want something as unexciting as a cupcake wrapper, but these lace like liners are anything but mundane. They're just too pretty to pass up! I also want an occasion to make cupcakes worthy of these beautifully elaborate wrappers. These showy liners simply take the cake.
{via : Paper Orchid}


a pretty {charming} logo

The days just keep getting colder around here. I know it's January. Cold days are pretty much the norm. And it isn't even so much that I'm sick of winter, it's just that I'm really ready for spring. I'm ready for the liveliness that comes with spring. Liveliness and pretty things. I figured many of you are getting ready also, which is why I'm sharing with you this spring inspired logo I designed for Charmed Gifts, LLC. The client's requirements were that the logo incorporate the colors purple and pink, as well as a daisy. We went through several proofs, and eventually the final product bloomed into something beautiful.

If you're interested in utilizing my custom design services, feel free to contact me!


pretty {flickr} pictures

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to pop in and let you know that my photography is now on Flickr. Take a peek at the pretty pics that haven't made it to the blog {and some that have}. Pretty {much} Art is beginning to develop a photography line. Someday many of these pictures will be available in our shop {in the forms of coaster and note cards as well as prints!} Consider this a preview of pretty things to come.


{pretty} pillows

I want Wednesday...
Call him the King of Home Decor, or perhaps The Prince of Pillows – whatever you call him, Thomas Paul is undeniable design inspiration. I've been swooning over his pillows for sometime now, but after coming across the above picture of his "Mums" and "Buds" pillows in Ivanka Trump's apartment, I can't wait to decorate a place of my own. It will be filled to capacity with Paul pillows {as well as his rugs, dinnerware, lighting, stationery, fabrics, etc.} I want... well I want them all. That's right. I want every one of his pillows. The "Prince's" pillows would be only too fitting in my palace.
{via : Pillows and Throws, & Brilliant Asylum}


pretty {perplexing} pics

I thought I'd share some more pretty pictures for you today. Unfortunately I can't take the credit for this artistry. Arian Bhzadi's vintage photo collages are both surreal and nostalgic. Whimsical and perplexing. Bhzadi's bizarre graphic works of art seem to have a story to tell.
{via : Fey Handmade and Flickr}


pretty {frosty}

I met Jack Frost this weekend...and he's pretty cool. I've never seen the trees quite this covered. Everything enveloped in shimmering ice was much more angelic in person, but my I think my frosty photos came close to capturing the glitz.


a {pretty} fixxer upper

By now, I'm sure we've all heard about the total devastation caused by the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. Indie Fixx has created a Haiti relief fundraiser in the form of an auction. An auction of some really cool indie works of art, I might add. New auction pieces are listed daily with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross International Response Fund. So go. Bid. Get some sweet art. Help fixx the world.
{via : Indie Fixx}


{pretty} editorial apparel

I want Wednesday...Yeah, I always want clothes. I understand that that's pretty much a given. But I think it's the stunning photography from this Flare editorial that makes me really want these divine dresses. I'm not sure where I'd wear any one of them, but strolling along in the lavish Canadian wilderness in one looks like fun.
{found via : Simply Seductive, photography via : Chris Nicholls}


{pretty} brooch bouquets

No, I'm not getting married anytime soon. But if I were, I'd definitely look into getting one of these devastatingly beautiful vintage brooch bouquets from Fantasy Floral Designs. As stunning keepsakes, these unique arrangements will last a lifetime. Till death do you part. Now there's a commitment I could agree to.
{via : Ruffled & Alice Hu}


pretty {much} art's latest pretties

Hello lovelies! I'm back from a pleasant and productive weekend with lots of newness in the shop. Check out the latest in pretty coasters and note cards here.


{anthro}pretty part deux

I want Wednesday...It's a little redundant to say I want something from Anthropologie. It's also pretty predictable in happy blog land {it seems as if everyone's been blogging about Anthropologie's awesomeness lately.} But I thought I was on a roll with the whole {anthro}pretty thing, and this is what I want. Not just the clothes {because I want all of them, and therefore I want a bigger closet, which would require me wanting a bigger house, oh and money, yeah, I want money...} but also I want to be the person who wears these clothes. She seems cool.
{via : Anthropologie}



In my comments from yesterday's post, someone mentioned that Anthropologie has some great organization inspiration. So true. Not that I needed the reminder. I love, love, love Anthropologie, and isn't everything they do upstanding inspiration? Have you seen the January 2010 catalog yet? I adore how they've displayed their shoes as sweets. Total eye candy, right? And, as always, I'm blown away by their home interior displays. A customer at a craft show once described my work as being "very Anthropologie-esque". I almost hugged her. Seriously, does anyone know how I could get my work featured in one of their shops? Because my life would pretty much be complete after that.


pottery barn {pretty}ness

So, I've discovered what it is I love so much about New Years; the fresh start. Whenever I think of the new year, I think of that part in Forrest Gump when they're celebrating New Year's Eve and that trashy floozy chick says "Don't ya just love New Years? It's a chance to start all over." But, how to start over? Last night I cleaned my bedroom. Organization... guess that's a start. However, any of the pretty storage options from Potter Barn would help me get really organized. Somehow I don't think a splurge on the $949.00 Bedford Project Table Set would quite qualify as a fresh start. But the organization inspiration that these home office ideas give is a push in the right direction.
{via : Pottery Barn}
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