pretty {neck}lace

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}
Probably, many of you have already seen the pretty works of White Owl. Their artistry has been blogged about by many, and why wouldn't it be? I mean what's not to love about this romantic little shop? The gorgeous photography? The remarkable {and repurposed} works of art? Their flirty jewelry is reminiscent of grandma's style. The cool grandma. Simply stunning.
{via : White Owl}


  1. I love these, I wish I had an excuse to invest in one. Or an outfit fabulous enough to wear one with.

  2. Those are pretty. I've not seen a neck lace until now =)

  3. Oh I totally agree! This is also one of my favorites ;)

  4. oh i looove their work! i've been eyeing a piece for myself for sometime now, i completely agree!

  5. Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog! I love it! Following you now. I'm from MN, but live in CA now. Heading back to the freezing cold for the weekend. I've heard it is pretty cold :)


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