a {pretty} new year

Happy New Year friends! A big thanks to the 203 of you who follow me. You all really make this blogging thing worth it.

I don't really have one New Year's resolution, but I'd say my comprehensive goal for 2010 is to grow. When I think back on 2009, my biggest accomplishments were visiting NYC and starting my blog. I'm not saying these two things weren't important. I just think I can do more. Be less afraid. Try new things. Meet new people. Go to new places. Expand my business. Hell, lets call it an empire. I'm ready to move on. Bring on the new year.

P.S. I really love this mashup of the top pop songs of '09. It makes me even more excited to see what 2010 will bring.
{image via : i.Anton, video via : College Humor}


pretty {printed} matter

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}Hello readers. I've decided to forgo my usual Wednesday Want {I already got this for Christmas, what more could I want?} to introduce to you my last December Darling; Modern Printed Matter. My final featured seller was one of my first Etsy favorites. I find Anna's simple and clean use of color and graphics {and the fact that most of her illustrations stem from her photography} completely inspiring.

Actually, I'm constantly inspired by other Etsy artists. Just because December is almost over, doesn't mean there won't be many more of my featured favorites to come.
{via : Modern Printed Matter}


have yourself a pretty {little} christmas

I want Wednesday...I want peace on Earth. I also want to wish you all a merry little Christmas. That is my grownup Christmas wish. My real Christmas wish is for this elephant. See you next week!


a pretty mini creature {feature}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}Oh-my-oodles-of-cuteness! Kate doesn't keep a lot of items listed in her Etsy shop at a given time, but that doesn't make tinewarbler any less notable. I heart these hand-stitched, super soft stuffed animals. They'd be perfect for a children's room, or nursery...or somewhere in my house. The elephant! I love the elephant!
{via :


pretty {mini} gingerbread houses

I'm pretty much in love with these insanely adorable tiny gingerbread houses from not martha. Perfect for perching on a mug of hot chocolate, these little houses make a cute mug accessory. Like I really need an excuse to eat more sweets this holiday season... But on this, the first day of winter, I could definitely go for cooping up in my own house with one of these clever cups of cocoa.
{via : Sweet Greens & not martha}


pretty paper {moth}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}
Have I blogged about the Etsy shop Paper Moth yet? Because I feel like I should have. After all, my blog is about all things pretty. And Paper Moth is pretty paper. Period.
{via : Paper Moth}


pretty {pendant} presents

Hello hello! I just wanted to let you all know that I've listed a bunch of new pendants in the Pretty {much} Art shop. And just in time for Christmas. These unique pendants {using my one-of-a-kind artwork} make great gifts! If you're in the states, please order before Thursday to ensure delivery before Christmas.
this is blog post 101. I wasn't sure how long my blogging was going to last, but I've made it to the triple digits. How cool is that?


pretty {naturally}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}Jewelweeds' design's kind of remind me of my own. So of course Jewelweeds' shop is one of my favorites on Etsy. Effortless, eco-friendly, and pretty. Naturally pretty.
{via: Jewelweeds}


{pretty} owl ornaments

I want Wednesday...Remember these plush cutie-pies? Night Owl Paper Goods has now introduced mini owl plushie ornaments and soft snow owls. I'd love to decorate my Christmas tree in these little guys. They'd make for a very cozy Christmas.
{via : Night Owl Paper Goods}


pretty {neck}lace

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}
Probably, many of you have already seen the pretty works of White Owl. Their artistry has been blogged about by many, and why wouldn't it be? I mean what's not to love about this romantic little shop? The gorgeous photography? The remarkable {and repurposed} works of art? Their flirty jewelry is reminiscent of grandma's style. The cool grandma. Simply stunning.
{via : White Owl}


a {pretty} lineup wrap-up

This weekend marked the last of the art/craft shows in Pretty {much} Art's 2009 lineup. Most fortunately I got to spend time selling my work in this glorious little theater {the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts of Menomonie, WI} with very good company {my best friend happily helped my mom and I through the weekend - thanks again Lacey dear!} I spent the weekend evaluating the season and coming up with many new and exciting ideas for Pretty {much} Art {the first of which is our new facebook fanpage; click here to join!} I'll be sure to keep you updated on the rest of our endeavours!


pretty {pepper}minty

I want Wednesday...
With the arrival of the holiday season, so arrives yummy holiday beverage flavors from Starbucks. I want to warm up with a creamy peppermint mocha. Let's savor this December.
{image via : Sweet Nothings}


pretty flights {of fancy}

December Darlings {my favorite Etsy sellers}
Throughout the month of December I'll be showing you some artists pulled from my Favorite Sellers on Etsy. First up are these amazing snowy bird prints from Rocky Top Studio. It hasn't started snowing here yet, but with the 1st of December upon us, I find myself looking forward to the fluffy white powder. Rocky Top Studio has some pretty stunning works of art for all seasons, but I think these birds just make dancing in the snow look like too much fun.
{via : Rocky Top Studio}
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