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Hi friends. Sorry I've been MIA. I was down and out with a bout of the flu. After countless hours of sleeping, I'm back and ready to blog. Introducing Michelle...
Remember the Shop Swap & Blog event I blogged about last month? My first partner was Michelle; mother-to-be, live music lover, photographer, and owner of Shop by M. Michelle started her jewelery and this & that shop when a friend of hers asked Michelle to contribute to her newly opened fashion store. Michelle's little shop is now housed at her blogspot and has a various turn of items.The items she sent me where these pretty pairs of earrings, as well as a collection of nifty gift tags. I love how the earrings are both classic and unique. Elegant and fashionable. And they go with everything! All of her work would make cute {and inexpensive} little gifts. Which is great for Michelle because she loves sharing her creations with others. About her shop - "I find it is not only an outlet for my artful desires but also so fulfilling to bring that art into others lives."
{please visit Michelle at : her website, shop, personal blog, photo blog, & facebook page}


  1. Sorry to hear you were down with the flu... It's been going around, and it seems like everyone's got it in this form or another :)
    Glad you're back and better though!
    Michelle's stuff look awesome. I'm off to check her store :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie, this is wonderful! So glad we could be partners in the swap!


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