pretty {crisp} confections

With Christmas in the not so distant future, I've already got all things Holiday on my mind. Unfortunately, that means that I've been totally forgetting that it's still my favorite time of year; autumn. Luckily, A Field Journal has been featuring cozy apple creations all week during their "apple week". Their sweet apple goodies have been just enough of a reminder that it is still apple season. Fall isn't over friends. So, lets celebrate harvest season with a few of these apple delights. Oh, and have a great weekend!
{via :
A Field Journal}

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  1. wowee that looks yummmmmmmmmm-mmmm just warms my thoughts, apple treats are my fave:)
    but then who wouldn't love a crisp or sticky snack like that this time of year??
    hope you have a lovely weekend!


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