{a little} something pretty

My computer is back! And just in time for some Cyber Monday shopping. Don't forget, Pretty {much} Art has some great gifts. Handmade, affordable, and totally unique; we have just what you're looking for. Whether you need gifts for coworkers, acquaintances, friends, or family, everybody loves a little something pretty.


i'm still here {pretty much}

Hey guys. I just wanted take a minute to explain my blogging hiatus...my computer has a boo boo. Yes my Mac Book Pro {a.k.a. the center of my universe} is getting a tune up. Fingers crossed, the doc will fix her up and I'll be back to blogging next week. Until then, be sure to check out my store while you're doing your Christmas shopping this weekend. Pretty {much} Art has some pretty great {and customizable : just ask!} gifts!


pretty {classy} caps

ow pretty are these drop caps? Graphic and gorgeous. What a simple way to add a little something to your blog posts. Visit Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische to get your own. Then drop it like it's hot.
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naturally nina}


pretty {crisp} confections

With Christmas in the not so distant future, I've already got all things Holiday on my mind. Unfortunately, that means that I've been totally forgetting that it's still my favorite time of year; autumn. Luckily, A Field Journal has been featuring cozy apple creations all week during their "apple week". Their sweet apple goodies have been just enough of a reminder that it is still apple season. Fall isn't over friends. So, lets celebrate harvest season with a few of these apple delights. Oh, and have a great weekend!
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A Field Journal}


{pretty} hot

I want Wednesday...
This Wednesday I want to cozy up with a cup of this warm white hot chocolate. I'm sure this would help cure any idling illness. Find the recipe on Meme Recipe's blog, here. Mmmm.
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pretty lovely {by M}

Hi friends. Sorry I've been MIA. I was down and out with a bout of the flu. After countless hours of sleeping, I'm back and ready to blog. Introducing Michelle...
Remember the Shop Swap & Blog event I blogged about last month? My first partner was Michelle; mother-to-be, live music lover, photographer, and owner of Shop by M. Michelle started her jewelery and this & that shop when a friend of hers asked Michelle to contribute to her newly opened fashion store. Michelle's little shop is now housed at her blogspot and has a various turn of items.The items she sent me where these pretty pairs of earrings, as well as a collection of nifty gift tags. I love how the earrings are both classic and unique. Elegant and fashionable. And they go with everything! All of her work would make cute {and inexpensive} little gifts. Which is great for Michelle because she loves sharing her creations with others. About her shop - "I find it is not only an outlet for my artful desires but also so fulfilling to bring that art into others lives."
{please visit Michelle at : her website, shop, personal blog, photo blog, & facebook page}


pretty {more} joy

November is upon us. Silver bells will be ringing and Christmas songs we'll be singing, before we know it. Pretty {much} Art is ready with beautiful handmade cards, perfect for spreading some joy this holiday season.Many thanks to Perfect Paper Shop for including my More Joy cards in this snowflake inspired treasury. To view more pretty holiday cards go here. Lets spread some more joy.
{thanks to : Perfect Paper Shop}


pretty {visionary}

I find that every month brings to me new inspiration. With the changing seasons comes a longing for a creative awakening. My current creative obsession comes via i.Anton's Flickr stream. Here's to a magical, dreamy, and inspired November.
{via : i.Anton & oh, hello friend}
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