a pretty {good} review

I wanted to take a minute to thank Michelle for the lovely review she gave of the Pretty {much} Art package I sent her. Michelle was my first partner in the Shop Swap & Blog event. It's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into her feature of my work and I really appreciate it. Go here to see what she thought of the Pretty {much} Art goodies. And, stick around, because next week I'll be posting my review of the little lovelies she sent me.
{via : Lovely by M}


  1. Thanks Stephanie! This was such a fun swap and such a good way to get to know other artists. I am hooked on checking your blog now! I hope that my feature brings traffic and happy customers to your shop. Your work is outstanding!

  2. Your work is really cool. I'm glad you got such a great review from Michele.


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