pretty {fallen} princesses

Once upon a time {last week actually}, I blogged about my idea of Happily Ever After. But, despite the elation a J. Mendel dress would be sure to temporarily bring me, I know there's no such thing as Happily Ever After. Not in the Real World. As with all things in the world of Fantasy, eternal happiness, here on Earth, is an illusion. So, what happens after the illusion wheres off? As Dina Goldstein has so brilliantly portrayed in her Fallen Princesses series; life is what happens. Time moves on. The good comes with the bad. I'm sadly in love with this series. In a strange way, it reminds me to never take for granted the good things in life...the happy things. And they lived...
{via : Love. Obsess. Inspire. & JPG}


  1. Wow... very very cool photo series!

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  2. Even though these fallen princesses shatter our illusions about what happiness can be lived forever, they speak volumes about our choice to adapt or succumb when troubled times arrive.

    I'm with you, the temporary illusion provided by a J. Mendel dress would be fun.


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