a {pretty} Parnassus preview

Yesterday, I saw for the first time the spectacular trailer for the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Yes, this movie marks the last in the late Heath Ledger's career. That fact aside, I can't wait to see this movie based on the stunning visionary aspect of the trailer alone. The movie doesn't come out until December 25th, but seeing it will be number one on my Christmas wish list. Take a minute {and 44 seconds} to enjoy this fanciful fest for the eyes.

UPDATE: I don't know why this video is now showing up instead of the trailer, but it is hilarious. Watch it anyway, especially if you've seen Rock Of Ages.

{via : AllMoviePhoto.com & YouTube}


  1. Fantastic - such a huge loss. I still remember him from the movie 10 Things I hate About You with Julia Stiles. What a character.

  2. That looks cool! I didn't even know that Heath Ledger made another movie before he died... And Johnny Depp's in it, so I am for sure going!

  3. Holy cow it looks senstational - and there's a Depp factor too? hah, I'm going.


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