a pretty {good} review

I wanted to take a minute to thank Michelle for the lovely review she gave of the Pretty {much} Art package I sent her. Michelle was my first partner in the Shop Swap & Blog event. It's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into her feature of my work and I really appreciate it. Go here to see what she thought of the Pretty {much} Art goodies. And, stick around, because next week I'll be posting my review of the little lovelies she sent me.
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pretty treat {or treat}

I want Wednesday...
This Wednesday I want some sweet Halloween treats. I also want nothing better to do than to stare at foodgawker all day. I could too. Oh, yes. I could.
{photos via : foodgawker - search terms "pumpkin" & "Halloween"}


{pretty} orange october

Orange you glad to see me? Pretty {much} Art has been featured in this lively, tangerine tinged treasury. Pretty perfect for the last week of October.
{thank to : Perfect Paper Shop}


a {pretty} Parnassus preview

Yesterday, I saw for the first time the spectacular trailer for the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Yes, this movie marks the last in the late Heath Ledger's career. That fact aside, I can't wait to see this movie based on the stunning visionary aspect of the trailer alone. The movie doesn't come out until December 25th, but seeing it will be number one on my Christmas wish list. Take a minute {and 44 seconds} to enjoy this fanciful fest for the eyes.

UPDATE: I don't know why this video is now showing up instead of the trailer, but it is hilarious. Watch it anyway, especially if you've seen Rock Of Ages.

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pretty {forest} friends

I want Wednesday...
I want love, friends, and many of the other magical decor delights found in the forest, fawn&forest that is. fawn&forest makes me hope I'll have a lil' lamb someday; if only for the fun of decorating the nursery with adorable forest finds.
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pretty {stylized} silhouettes

I wanted to take a minute to share with you this fun custom job I did recently. I enjoy the challenge of doing custom work and am really happy with how these modernized Victorian designs came out. If you're interested in giving me a challenge of your own, just contact me.


pretty much me {short & sweet}

I am always making an effort to express myself through my blog. And it is an effort. I don't open up easily. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I don't like to talk about myself or my feelings without reserve. With that being said, I do want to try to let people know more about me. I find that hard, which is why I've posted the above print. That is me {in a nutshell}.

Pixel Wild Child's Etsy shop has many cute, expressive prints that are descriptive of me and probably many young girls. Thanks, Kristie, for helping me {or should I say "us"} make an attempt at opening up.
I love to read. I love to write {but wish I did more of it}. I hate and am terrified of large birds. I wish I weren't so afraid of making grand goals for myself {or rather afraid of failing at those goals}. I dig music. And the movie Almost Famous. Hey, maybe this isn't so hard.

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a pretty {sweet} update

Remember a while ago when I wrote about Minted's Seasonal Save the Date design challenge? Well my design didn't make the Minted cut, but I found out the other day that Mark and Brittany chose this card as their favorite! Perhaps the fellow Wisconsinites are a little biased? Really though, good design is all about listening to the client without losing your own design style, so I'm pretty stoked that I was able to accomplish that. Maybe they'll actually order my cards for their wedding? Read what Brittany had to say about my design here.
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pretty {clever} creatures

I want Wendesday...Can I get a Hoot Hoot? These handmade plush owls from Night Owl Paper Goods are probably the cutest owls I've ever seen. Sadly, my favorite {Gretchen} has already flown the coop. Looks liked I'd better snap one up before before they're all gone. Hoo's with me?
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{pretty} interesting illustrations

I've known about this website for a while now, but in case you haven't, I suggest you check it out. Learn Something Everyday is a pretty simple concept... take an interesting little fact, illustrate it, and post it online for the world to see. I wish all education were this fun. So go. Learn something today.
{via : 2nd coming & Learn Something Everyday}


pretty {online} eye-candy

If you haven't read Etsy's The Storque today {or if you've been slaking a little in the blogosphere}, and thus, haven't been introduced to Lonny Magazine yet; here it is. Consider this your official introduction to what is possibly the coolest {and prettiest} online design magazine. So, grab your drink of choice, settle in the comfy chair, and view and enjoy their premiere issue here.
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Etsy & Lonny Magazine}


pretty lovely fonts {game}

I want Wednesday... I want this Love Fonts Memo memory game. "Love Fonts Memo is a classic memory game where it’s all about finding a matching pair of cards. At the end the player with most card pairs wins. The cards represents love stories about different kind of type faces. Love Fonts Memo is perfect whether you are a professional or a rookie."
Love Fonts Memo makes memorization fun! Unfortunately, this was a student project and I'm sure it isn't available for sale. Still, it's a pretty inspiring idea.
{via : TheDieline & Lovely Package}


pretty {fallen} princesses

Once upon a time {last week actually}, I blogged about my idea of Happily Ever After. But, despite the elation a J. Mendel dress would be sure to temporarily bring me, I know there's no such thing as Happily Ever After. Not in the Real World. As with all things in the world of Fantasy, eternal happiness, here on Earth, is an illusion. So, what happens after the illusion wheres off? As Dina Goldstein has so brilliantly portrayed in her Fallen Princesses series; life is what happens. Time moves on. The good comes with the bad. I'm sadly in love with this series. In a strange way, it reminds me to never take for granted the good things in life...the happy things. And they lived...
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a {pretty} sweet swapping event

Pretty {much} Art would like to thank Structured Chaos for the chance to participate in the Shop Swap & Blog event {and also for featuring our pretty pendants on her blog!} I can't wait to blog about the goodies I receive through the event. Stay tuned!
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get {pretty} pumped!

That's right! From October 3rd through the 11th Pretty {much} Art will be offering 20% off fall prints and 10% off everything in the shop! Visit my Etsy store for details. Be sure to check out all participating shops in the Octoberfest Special here. Oh, and have a great weekend!


a {pretty} perfect paper treasury

Sooo not sure what I've done to receive such Etsy love lately, but I won't complain {after all, I'm still waiting to get in on some front page action!} Pretty {much} Art has been featured in yet another treasury. This one showcases one of my favorite fall prints, and showcases it beautifully I might ad. This enchanting treasury was chosen by Perfect Paper Shop - a fellow Wisconsin Street Team member and participant in the Octoberfest Special. Speaking of which, be sure to check back tomorrow to get the full scoop on exactly what Pretty {much} Art will be doing for the sale. This will be our first Etsy sale and, trust me, you won't want to miss it!
{via : Perfect Paper Shop - thanks!}
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