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I want Wednesday... Although fall is my favorite time of year {as if you didn't know that already}, the biting air and lifeless leaves has me reminded of the lethargy that comes with winter. Total lack of energy and motivation will hit me before I know it. I fully think that humans should be allowed to hibernate. Lock me up in a castle with a fireplace and some good books, and just let me be.

if I could have just one of these amazing draped dresses from J. Mendel's spring 2010 collection, I'd never go home. Ever. This princess would hit the town. Who'd want to sleep when a dress like this is sure to gather admirers? Hello Happily Ever After {no prince required}.
{via : coco+kelley & Style.com}


  1. J. Mendel, kudos to you bud! Gosh I wish I could sew.

  2. I love this collection. Thanks for posting these images!

  3. Totally with you sister! I would love to hibernate all winter long, and rise up again in the Spring. Thank god for short, barely noticeable winters in Israel ;)
    Oh, and yes, those dresses are simply magical!!


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