pretty {fall} fest

This weekend Pretty {much} Art set up shop at the Maple Fall Festival. Oodles of arts and crafts, gorgeous weather, and the deep fried pizza on a stick {seriously} made for a flood of customers. It also made for a pretty good weekend.


  1. Love the displays & photography! I would like to add this to my BLOG - you did a great job!

  2. That's awesome, and the packaging is gorgeous! Hope you sell/sold it all ;)

  3. Thanks Craft Show Designs. Feel free to use the pictures on your blog. I just started following you yesterday! I love seeing how other crafters and artists display their work. Sometimes the displays can be works of art in themselves.

    Tali, thank you! I didn't quite sell ALL of it (haha), which is probably good as I'm in about 5 or 6 more shows this season!


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