a pretty {city} moment

One of the things that impressed me the most about New York City was the amount of creative artists freely sharing their work on the city streets. Sure, working on the streets means great exposure for the artist, but to me {a person from a small town in central Wisconsin} I saw these artists using their talents to color our world and open our eyes.

One such artist, that made an impression on me at least, was Joe Mangrum. Mangrum looks at using unconventional mediums and found-objects to create his art. "Many of Joe's recurring themes explore our relationship to modern life juxtaposed with our organic natures and desires for freedom."(1) I was particularly taken with his sand "paintings". Hmm, Sand and The City. They're only for a moment in time, but what a beautiful moment it is.
{via : (1) Joe Mangrum & Facebook - Joe Mangrum (pictures)}


  1. oh wow! how cool are these!! at first i thought they were chalk drawings, but sand - makes it all the more impressive! thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow they look amazing, Fantastic Pics!

  3. yahhhhh !!!!! wish I could see it up close!!!! thanks

  4. Thanks Stephanie, for sharing with your readers, my wife and I are having a blast sharing the work throughout the city ourselves and meeting so many people like yourself from all over .... one thing to note is the first and last photos taken at Columbus Circle were taken by Time Magazine Photographer Ron Berard, he deserves credit for some fantastic shots

  5. Amazing! That is so brilliant and pretty! The colors are so vibrant and alive, and his creations (they look like Mandala's) are exquisite!

  6. http://www.vimeo.com/8251659

    check the new video


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