pretty {romantic} apparel

I want Wednesday... Although fall is my favorite time of year {as if you didn't know that already}, the biting air and lifeless leaves has me reminded of the lethargy that comes with winter. Total lack of energy and motivation will hit me before I know it. I fully think that humans should be allowed to hibernate. Lock me up in a castle with a fireplace and some good books, and just let me be.

if I could have just one of these amazing draped dresses from J. Mendel's spring 2010 collection, I'd never go home. Ever. This princess would hit the town. Who'd want to sleep when a dress like this is sure to gather admirers? Hello Happily Ever After {no prince required}.
{via : coco+kelley & Style.com}


{pretty} tuesday treasuries

I wish every Tuesday could be like this. Crisp fall air, a slow {thus stress-less} day at work, and the warm welcome of finding Pretty {much} Art included in two treasuries. Both treasuries are {again} thanks to Jackie Schmitt - thanks for the much appreciated Etsy shop love.
Click on the pictures to view each treasury.
{via : Jackie Schmitt}


a {pretty} sale-a-bration!

In honor of my favorite month, Pretty {much} Art will be participating in the first annual Octoberfest Special "Sale-a-bration"! The Octoberfest Special features members from the Etsy Wisconsin Street Team. From October 3rd through the 11th, participaing members will be holding their own Etsy shop specials. What will our's be? 10% off? 20% off? A free gift with each purchase? To be honest, I'm really not sure yet. One thing is sure, October is bound to be full of suprises...starting with this one. Stay tuned!

For more information, and to see a list of participaing shops go you can visit the Wisconsin Street Team


{pretty} lovely

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you this lovely little treasury, which happens to feature my Winter Touch of Red note cards {that's right! Pretty {much} Art's holiday cards are already hitting the shop!} So take a second to bathe in the serenity of this treasury, and remember to have a lovely weekend.
{via : Jackie Schmitt - thanks!}


a {pretty} picturesque monument

This weekend I finally got around to editing some of the pictures I took while on vacation in NYC. Above are some photos of New York's iconic Empire State Building. Wouldn't these make great prints? I'm thinking a new line may be in Pretty {much} Art's future. Pretty {much} Photography perhaps? Either way, more pictures of my trip will be posted soon, promise!


pretty {precious} peepers

I want Wednesday...I feel like my posts have been on a real "cutesy" roll lately, but these needle-felted birds from Lauren Alane take the cake. Alane, is an Etsy seller, but in order to purchase one from her shop, you need to sign up on her mailing list to know when they will be listed. Yeah, they go that fast. Can you blame them? One of these charming little chirpers would be sure to cheer me up when I needed it most, so it looks like I'd better get signed up. Needles to say, I really want one.
{via : the SCOOP & Lauren Alane}


{pretty} autumn eye-candy

Ahh fall. Finally! And in celebration, I wanted to share with you some autumn eye-candy from Amy Atlas. These inspirational dessert tables are oh so delectable. She seriously has the sweetest job in the world!

Speaking of eye candy, Pretty {much} Art was featured in this precious little treasury today. These cards are too cute!
{via : Amy Atlas, & Hitchcock Creative - thank you!}


pretty {fall} fest

This weekend Pretty {much} Art set up shop at the Maple Fall Festival. Oodles of arts and crafts, gorgeous weather, and the deep fried pizza on a stick {seriously} made for a flood of customers. It also made for a pretty good weekend.


{pretty} spicy

I want Wednesday...One of the things I love most about fall {one of many} is being warmed by a hot drink on a chilly fall day. Starbucks fall flavors are back, and I really want a Pumpkin Spice Latte right now. Mmm.
{image via : Edward Markey}


pretty {darling} duds

How utterly adorable is the Misha Lulu Fall '09 line? Retro-modern and effortlessly artistic, this young kid's collection screams fall fun. And those girls are pretty darling too. If I ever have kids, I hope I have a girl just so I can put her in one of those freaking cute hats! You're charmed too, I'm sure.
{via : Misha Lulu}


I'm pretty {much} gossip guilty.

Ok, guilty pleasure confession... I love Gossip Girl; mostly for the incredible Upper East Side, self-indulgent, preppy, boho chic fashion {I especially love Serena's style!} A new season starts tonight, and I can't wait to see the style those young, fiendish fashionista's will be bringing to the table. So, what are some of your guilty pleasures? Come on, I told you mine.
You know you love me!
{image via : my journey, alone}


how {pretty} sweet it is

We're one! Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary that I've been a seller on Etsy. I'm making this the official one year anniversary of Pretty {much} Art. Thanks to all you sweethearts who have supported Pretty {much} Art in the past year. Your continued support is what keeps us {my mother and I} doing this.

Goals for the next year... hit 100 Etsy sales? Make the front page at least once? Get 500 shop hearts? {Hey I'll probably actually make that one - I'm up to 400!} Whatever. I'm not too concerned with goals right now. I just really want a cupcake.
{picture via : thesavvysource}


pretty please {please me}

I want Wednesday... It's 09/09/09 and The Beatles: Rock Band comes out today. The. Beatles. Rock. Band. Nuff said. You can't buy me love, but you can buy me this. Pretty please?

P.S. : All of these amazing images are taken from the brilliant opening cinematic to the game. Its picturesque, detailed graphics make me want the game even more. I highly recommend watching it

And also, wouldn't I Am The Walrus be a really hard song to sing? I mean seriously; does anybody know the words to that song?

{via : The Beatles: Rock Band}


{pretty} fall, flowers, foxes... and dinos

My weekend was filled with camping, family, and friends. It was a pretty good weekend and a great summer wrap up. That being said, lets move on... to some autumn pretties with this beautiful treasury. I'm proud to have my coasters amongst all of these fetching fall features.
{thanks to : Five Sparrows}


a pretty {city} moment

One of the things that impressed me the most about New York City was the amount of creative artists freely sharing their work on the city streets. Sure, working on the streets means great exposure for the artist, but to me {a person from a small town in central Wisconsin} I saw these artists using their talents to color our world and open our eyes.

One such artist, that made an impression on me at least, was Joe Mangrum. Mangrum looks at using unconventional mediums and found-objects to create his art. "Many of Joe's recurring themes explore our relationship to modern life juxtaposed with our organic natures and desires for freedom."(1) I was particularly taken with his sand "paintings". Hmm, Sand and The City. They're only for a moment in time, but what a beautiful moment it is.
{via : (1) Joe Mangrum & Facebook - Joe Mangrum (pictures)}


pretty {wacky} wraps

I want Wednesday...
I heart scarves. The light breezy ones are exceptional for the transition from summer to fall. These quirky-pretty-colorful ones from Snoozer Loser are fun and handmade. These tie-died printed wraps could be both subtle and eccentric when paired with the right outfit. And...
I want one.

{via : Oh Joy! & Snoozer Loser NY}
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