this {pretty} piggy

Last night while taking my evening stroll through the town of Spencer, I happened upon a little garage sale just preparing to set up shop. The kind seller invited us {my mother and I} in to take a look around. I picked up a sweet little book entitled This Little Piggy Went to Prada {which the kind seller gave to me for free - score!}. Ok, so I wasn't actually that into the story, but the illustrations were sort of stunning.

This book was illustrator, Zebby Eun-kyung Kang's debut. It's obvious Kang's process {which includes creatively spilling coffee on her work} derives from the world of fashion illustration. I've always loved fashion illustration, and have recently renewed my love for pen and ink and watercolor illustrations. And I love seeing these mediums come to life in the form of a book. A book that I got at a garage sale - for free! Humm, I wonder where Inspiration will find me next...
{via : zebby}

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