pretty {winning} design

So, about a year ago I was blessed with the chance to design the CD cover for one of my favorite singer's upcoming album. A contest was released to see who could come up with the winning design for Charlotte Martin's Orphans album cover, and I won! Ergo, CD's from one my favorite singers with my cover design were {and still are} sold all over the world. Pretty cool. Why am I bringing this up now? Well, another contest has been announced and I'm thinking I'll try again {you never know!} This contest is only to design a desktop wallpaper download for Martin's website, but hey, that's still something to sing about.


  1. I just listened to some of her music and will have to check it out further. Good luck on the contest.


  2. Lovely cd cover... makes me think of early summer morning. Off to give her a listen... ;)

  3. How cool is that? Big congrats to you!

  4. Oh wow Congrats thats fantastic!

  5. Oh I love Charlotte!! And I actually have that CD! Funny! Cool to know I follow the blog of the talented CD cover designer... :)


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