pretty {street} chic

I want Wednesday...
I've taken to the streets. Street chic daily, that is. Elle's daily style blog features real people, in real cities, looking really stylish. My trip to New York is almost here {eek!} It's three weeks away and I have nothing to wear, so I'm looking for a little uptown inspiration.
I love, love, love the style in the picture above. It's chic, and yet looks completely carefree. I'm sure I could wear something like that all day feeling confident and comfy. And since I'm such a fan of supporting all that is handmade, I'm sure I could find a look like this on

Looks like I'd better get shopping! It's really too bad paying back school loans cuts so much into looking pretty. Ahh priorities.
{via : Elle News Blog, 1. Silver Collection, 2. marie fly fly, 3. lamixx, 4. Stephanie Teague}


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