{pretty} okay

i would follow you anywhere...
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but my Monday is turning out to be a pretty okay day. Sure it's Monday, but other than that...
I only had to work a half day at work today {leaving me with a generous amount of time to work on Pretty {much} Art goodness}. And, I realized that my blog reached 100 followers over the weekend {hence, the
"i would follow you anywhere" print from urban junkies photography. Pretty cute, right?}.

I also found out that I'm featured in this oh-so sophisticated treasury. Very red-hot, and certainly pretty.
{via : urban junkies photography & Vivians Romeo - thanks!}


  1. I am having a pretty ok Monday as well :)
    Happy to be one of those 100 followers! I do like your blog, thoughts and postings :)

  2. fabulous blog!
    thank you so much for featuring my print! :)

    have a great monday!

  3. Congrats on all the followers thats Fantastic!

  4. Hey, I was tagged, and had to follow the rules and tag 6 more... you are one of my 6 tagged. Check out my blog post for further information :)


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